Seasonal changes usually affect the skin directly. Generally, it is altered, all those pathologies that we suffer are accentuated, and from time to time it can present reactions that gradually subside until it adapts to the new climate and humidity level. That is why it is important to reinforce and prepare it so that these changes are barely noticeable, and we can show off healthy and beautiful skin, regardless of the weather outside

Adapt your facial routine

If you are one of those who usually change creams “until it is used up”, even noticing that your skin produces more sebum than it normally should, or on the contrary, “drinks it in a second” and is left wanting more, you are making a serious mistake. The skin, like the rest of the body, must be given what it needs at all times. In general, when it’s hot, fresh textures with creams that include aloe vera, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, and in summer richer textures, with shea butter, oils such as olive, argan, or jojoba.

Exfoliate once a week 


Exfoliating and then applying a good facial mask should be the weekly “maintenance” that we should give our skin at home. In addition, we should choose a product with a very fine and natural granule (my favorites), or a chemical exfoliation

Always have a repair cream on hand

If there is a product that I cannot miss at any time of the year, it is a good repairing cream: in the colder months, they usually save me from xerosis and dermatitis outbreaks, while in the hotter ones they help me recover my skin after sun exposure (which I usually avoid, by the way), chlorine from the pool and salt from the sea. 

Finding the one that’s right for you is usually a “trial and error” job, but believe me, when you do, it becomes the most prized wildcard on your dresser.

Check your diet

You already know that for me it is essential to accompany all external care with a good diet. In the face of seasonal changes, it is convenient to do an analysis to see if we have any vitamin deficiency, correct habits (for example after the holidays), and monitor our weight.

If what you need is to make a radical change in your lifestyle and not fall into another failed diet, it is essential to visit a nutritionist and do more sports… there are no “tricks” that work better than this.

Do you usually notice the effects of seasonal changes on your skin? And do you prepare your skin before its arrival?