If you want to minimize your pores, you must first know that how they look mostly depends on several factors, such as age, sun exposure, skin type, and genetics. Additionally, despite their size, they also have a crucial purpose – allowing your skin to breathe by being the door to the outside of your body from the inside.

Despite how they may be necessary for the skin, there are still ways to make them less visible. Shrinking them is not as difficult as other people claim it to be, but it is a rather long process and requires plenty of patience. Here are tips to make your pores look immaculate.

Over at Skin Apeel, they recommend receiving regular professional facial treatments to help keep your pores in check but here are tips to make your pores look immaculate that you can do from home.

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Use a Makeup Primer

One of the tricks that a makeup artist uses to make pores disappear is by using a primer. It is more like a spackle for your skin that evens out some imperfections on your texture before applying more paint. You can use primer for large pores to fill those fine lines and small scars.

Once you apply skincare products, the first step is smoothing a thin makeup primer layer on your face, or you can also tap particular areas. Make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly with a face wash and makeup remover once the day ends to avoid having makeup buildup in your pores,

Apply a Primer with SPF

Remember always to wear sunscreen to prevent UV rays from harming your skin. Pollution, along with UV, causes the skin to loosen up, making the pores look bigger. This is due to the free radicals that break down elastin and collagen in the skin.

However, it would help if you also watched out for shiny sunscreen formulas. There is nothing wrong with them, but they do make your pores look prominent. You can use primers with SPF instead – the recommended solution. They do more than one task at once by providing protection from the sun and smoothing over pores.

Try Not to Magnify Your Pores

Not everyone sees how your pores are the way you look at them in front of a mirror. It may be a glaring game of connecting the dots all over your face, but to other people, it’s merely typical skin. This is why your mental train of thought is one step in dealing with your pores.

You have to learn how to loosen up! It’s easy to say, but once you conquer this, the other steps will flow through like a soft wave, and that will provide you with the results you seek.

Cleanse Daily

Exfoliating regularly and daily cleansing is among the best ways to maintain clean pores. Yes, pores without a bit of dirt on them might be more challenging to spot, but you will first have to force them to open up to clean them thoroughly. Get the job done by dipping a washcloth in warm water and applying it on your face before you begin to scrub up.

You can either clean once or twice a day. If you choose the former, make sure to do it at night since your skin would have gathered all that dirt or makeup build up by then. It makes it crucial to clean before you go to bed.

Scrub Once a Week

Scrubbing your skin once a week also has its benefits, but make sure not to over-exfoliate your skin. Although the process is essential for getting rid of dead skin cells, you may irritate it if you use a rough one – leading to swelling or inflammation that may make your pores look larger. That said, look for an exfoliator with gentle ingredients.

Keep Your Hands Away

Remember not to touch your face often, unless, of course, if you are in the middle of a cleansing or skincare routine. The bacteria and dirt on your fingers can spread to your face and settle inside your pores, which is why it’s best to prevent yourself from touching your skin.

There may be times where you might get tempted to pick on your clogged pores, but you have to resist it. It will only yield blood, blemishes, scarring, and even scabbing.

Remember to Apply Gentleness

As mentioned, regular exfoliation is essential, but if you are overly rough, you can increase the likelihood of damaging your pores. Try not to scrub your skin or squeeze and pick on it forcefully. It can lead to permanent pore expansion. Instead, use your products like lightly massaging your skin using your fingertips in a circular motion. Remember, avoid popping pimples or manipulating your pores.

Apply Moisturizer Twice Daily

You are already fully aware that if you stop moisturizing, your skin might irritate, flake, become dry, or worsen with permanently enlarged pores. It is crucial to use face moisturizer that is non comedogenic and is of high quality, twice a day. Remember that consistency is always key.

By applying in the morning and before you go to bed, you will prevent your skin from getting dry and, thus, avoid having excessive oil amount production that can lead to clogging of your pores.

Stay Hydrated

Always begin by drinking the right amount of water that your body needs. Additionally, using a hydrating serum before you layer a moisturizer is also a promising tip. It helps in shrinking your pores by collapsing the skin that surrounds it.

Remember to exfoliate twice a week, and your hydrator will most definitely do the needed magic. Otherwise, you will waste away all the beneficial ingredients sitting on the surface above a layer of dead skin cells.

Avoid Shimmery Makeup

While it may not be a solution that shrinks pores, not using shimmery makeup will most likely improve their general appearance. Using glitter or shiny makeup may end up spotlighting your press that has not shrunk yet.

However, if you must use them, make sure to keep them limited to particular facial areas that only have small pores – such as the eyelids, forehead by the hairline, upper nose bridge, and tops of cheekbones. Additionally, you can use matte products on the areas of your skin with larger pores to draw eyes to the smooth regions only.


Other than the tips mentioned above, you can also promote healthy skin by doing several home remedies without skincare products. You can start eating well and get the perfect balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and nutrients; drinking plenty of water for guaranteed hydration; and exercising regularly to improve your body’s blood flow, making it good for your skin.

With all the solutions and tips provided, you are now a few steps closer to getting that poreless skin without expensive laser treatments. You can now do it yourself using natural remedies.