Another year has rolled by, and it eventually becomes time to go through your phone and then start deleting some of the extra photos and pictures that just weren’t good enough to start putting on social media. However, some of the pictures are still pretty good and while you might not want to delete them, you may not want to share them with the world either.

How to Make the Most of Your Best Photos from the Past Year - scrapbooking, photos, frame

So what can you do to honor these photos, while also ensuring they stay out of your phone’s delete folder? Well, this article is going to give you some of the best ways to make the best of last year’s photos and turn them into something new!

Start Scrapbooking!

While you might think that scrapbooking is only for weddings and the birth of a new baby, you can elevate any photo from the past year and make it an amazing memento with a scrapbook. Take a bunch of themed pictures and place them all in a scrapbook, add some captions and some decoration, and you will be good to go!

Scrapbooking can actually be pretty fun if you get invested in the decorating and organizational aspects of it, and you might even be able to look at your photos and find a story that you can lay out in your scrapbook. Plus, anytime you want you can leaf through your old scrapbook and admire your photos! (And your decorating skills!)

Create a Photo Calendar

If you’ve got a lot of selfies in strange places and positions, you can create a photo calendar and make last year’s photos some of the things that you look at this year! A photo calendar is very easy to make and you can find plenty of online websites that let you import your photos into a calendar.

If you’ve got some seasonal photos or some photos that could match the months of the year, then you’ve got two themes for custom photo calendars that can be used! Additionally, common themes like landscapes and wide beautiful shots are almost always good for photo calendars as well because they are so nice to look at.

Get creative with it, and you will find that your photo calendar will be bursting with images of the past year, and they will inspire you to take even more pictures in the new year!

Frame Your Photos

Sure, your favorite photos from last year might already technically be framed inside of your devices, but what if you could print those photos out and frame them on your walls? Surely you’ve got a few of last year’s memories stored on your phone, and you might as well print them out and hang them up on the wall. Or at least place a framed picture on your nightstand.

There are plenty of services that will actually print out and frame your desired photo for you, and some will even let you select the type of frame that you can put them in. If you’ve got a picture that isn’t good enough for your Facebook wall but is good enough for your living room wall, then framing it might be your best option.

Think Outside The Box To Make Your Photos Pop!

If you’ve got some amazing photos that you want to keep and savor, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and figure out how to keep them and make them work for you.

While you can simply post them to social media and call it a day, remember that that isn’t the only option that you can do. Instead, find a way to have fun with your pictures and you’ll enjoy the memories associated with them that much more.