Art has an unbelievable ability to transform a house into a home that represents your tastes and style. Choosing the right piece of artwork for your space, be that portraits, minimalism or abstract art prints, is a personal, fun and creative experience that allows you to show off your interests and the ambience you want to create in your home. These can be added in many forms, including paintings, prints and photography. One approach that can be taken when decorating your walls with art is selecting pieces that follow a theme. Themed art can be captivating while complimenting your home decor and your style. Let’s take a look at the steps that can be followed to ensure you choose the correct themed artwork to resonate with not only your home but your personality, too.

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Reflection Stage

There will be an overwhelming amount of looks and styles to choose from when incorporating themed art. At this stage, it would be sensible to reflect on what colours you enjoy, what emotions you wish to portray and how the size and appearance of each piece can alter how your rooms look and feel. It is important to consider the following questions.

What style is your home decor at the moment? Do you have a traditional, minimalistic, vintage or modern chic vibe?

Do you currently have any existing themes throughout the home with other decorative pieces? If yes, how can you tie this in with the artwork you choose?

What emotions and moods do you want yourself and others to feel when entering the property?

What colours currently dominate the interior of your home? Is it neutral, cool, warm or vibrant?

Understanding your home characteristics and knowing how to create an ambience you feel comfortable in will serve as a strong foundation for selecting themed artwork to resonate with the space it will be in.

Define Your Theme

Now that we have assessed our homes and have a better understanding of what will work best in specific places, we can define the theme we want to follow. These themes can range from genres like abstract, landscape, portraits, photography and typography to broader subjects and concepts, including nature, travel or cultural influences. Here are a few ideas that you could use in your next room:

Nature – Use the likes of botanical prints, seascapes, animal photography and wildlife paintings to bring a room to life.

Vintage – Source retro-themed prints from vintage stores to take your home back to your favourite era.

Abstract – Stimulate your imagination and incorporate abstract paintings; non-representational art can add a new feel to your room.

Travel – Tune into your adventurous side with city-themed prints, showcasing the incredible places you have travelled whilst adding a few photos of your favourite memories, too.

Research & Explore

With this new theme in mind, you can now begin another fun process of researching sizes, styles and artists you want to use and represent in your home. This will allow you to curate a collection of pieces that spark joy and that you keep forever. Here are a few ways you can conduct this research.

Local Art Galleries

An excellent way to discover talented artists local to your area is by visiting galleries close by. Galleries, art fairs and exhibitions allow you to engage with the art community and lead to fun and meaningful finds to showcase in your home.

Online Marketplaces

The internet will be your treasure trove for finding artists and artwork from around the world. Using online marketplaces opens up the opportunity to find themed artwork in various styles and price ranges.

Social Media

Online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are great for discovering local and up-and-coming artists who produce unique work that deserves recognition. Following specific artists on these platforms allows you to be the first to know when they have new pieces available in collections that align with the theme you have selected. It is also a fantastic source to use if you wish to join in with art communities and speak to like-minded people who are passionate about art, too.

Art Auctions

If you have a larger budget that you wish to use wisely, attend art auctions around the country. These places will hold more exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces for you to buy and add to your growing collection. Events like this will most likely feature themed artwork, and you could potentially find some rare and limited-edition pieces that suit your home.

Assessing Artwork

Once you know the pieces you want to add to your home that align with your chosen theme, it’s time to assess what you have found carefully. It is important to consider the following:

Size & Scale

The size of your designs in relation to the space you are planning on hanging them is incredibly important. A large, bold piece in a tiny space may look a little overcrowded; however, if you plan to put a large landscape on a large wall as a statement, this will give the desired effect. If your collection features multiple smaller pieces, you may wish to use these to create a feature gallery wall.

Medium & Style

Look at and evaluate the different styles and mediums you have. These mediums, including oil paintings, photography and watercolour, all convey varying textures and create differing atmospheres. Your chosen medium and styles should align with the theme you have chosen as well as with your home decor.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you look at your selection of artwork, does this resonate with you on an emotional level? How do you feel when you look at it for a longer period of time? Does it evoke the desired mood you had in mind for your home? Ensure that you are genuinely able to appreciate the aesthetics of each piece you purchase.

Framing & Matting

The framing of artwork can significantly impact the overall presentation and vibe each one gives to the room. Choosing a frame and matting that aligns and compliments the artwork to enhance its visual appeal will benefit the vibe it adds to your home.

Personal Connection

Lastly, trust your instincts and choose artwork that makes you feel something and resonates with you on a personal level. Art should be more than just a piece of decor to add to your home; it should make you feel emotions, spark conversations and inspire. If you have a personal connection to a piece of themed artwork in your home, it will only enhance the positive way you feel when in your home.

In conclusion, selecting themed artwork for your home is an exciting journey of self-expression and creativity that you can put lots of time and care into. Reflecting on the personality of your home, defining themes you appreciate and researching, exploring and assessing artwork carefully all result in you selecting art for your home that you feel personally connected to. Start your home transformation today and bring rooms to life with colour, emotion and theme!