Valentine’s Day is the perfect break in the winter season, where you can leave your beanie and earmuffs at home and show off your fabulous hair on a romantic night out. Or you can band together with some girlfriends and go out for a cocktail. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a cozy night at home, dressing up and styling your hair for Valentine’s Day is a fun way to get creative, pamper yourself, and have fun. These tips can help you create your unique Valentine’s Day style this winter, from curly hair to straight, no matter your color. All you need to get started is a little time to pamper yourself, a high-quality hair detangler, and your imagination.

How to Create the Perfect Date Night Look This Valentine’s Day - style, Hair, beauty

Pamper Yourself the Week Prior

As you know, Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, so, date or not, don’t be afraid to show a little self-love and pamper yourself before the upcoming holiday. Winter can be rough on your hair with the freezing temperatures and low humidity, so the more you pamper and prep your locks, the better they will look and feel when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Pay a little extra attention to your hair so you can give it exactly what it needs and correct whatever damage or problem areas you notice.

Revive dull and tired-looking hair with a moisture-packed hair mask. It can be shocking just how much improvement this simple at-home treatment can provide for your hair. Using a hair mask in the week or weeks before Valentine’s Day can give your hair a boost of hydration as well as thermal protection from styling equipment and heat tools (which will come in handy once we get to styling your Valentine’s Day hair).

Brighten up any dull or brassy tones in the week before your big night. If you don’t have time to head to the salon, consider using a toning purple shampoo in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then use a non-toning daily purple shampoo and purple conditioner to maintain vibrant highlights.

Prep For Your Specific Hair Type Before You Style

When it comes to styling your hair on the night of, prepping your locks before you style is essential. Not only can proper preparation make your styling experience much smoother and easier, but it can also help protect your hair in the long run. The best way to achieve the results you want is to understand the products you’re using and how they affect your hair type.

For all the curlies out there, using a hair detangler after washing your hair can help you manage those curls as well as keep them hydrated. Hair detangler is a good investment for all hair types, but it can help streamline your styling process if you plan on straightening your curls. A premium hair detangler will also have a built-in heat protectant so you can style to your heart’s content without having to worry about a lot of heat damage.

Straight and wavy hair types also benefit from a hair detangler to seal the hair cuticle after washing, especially one that provides thermal protection. After drying, these hair types can also benefit from a texturizing spray or a volumizing spray. Both products can help provide texture, weightless volume, and fullness. A quality texturizing spray hair stylists trust can also provide medium hold and is safe for color-treated hair and extensions.

How to Create the Perfect Date Night Look This Valentine’s Day - style, Hair, beauty

Pick a Hairstyle That Complements Your Outfit

To pull off the perfect look, you want to make sure that your hairstyle complements your clothing. This also depends on how formal you want to go with your Valentine’s Day look. Where you’re going, whom you’re going with, and what fashion pieces you want to include in your look all play a part in picking the perfect hairstyle. Whatever style you choose, make sure to top it off with a finishing or holding spray to avoid pesky flyaways.

Generally speaking, the more formal your outfit, the more formal your hairstyle should be. But this also has some flexibility depending on what you’re wearing. A traditional updo will pair well with most formal wear. This style also allows you to showcase jewelry like necklaces and earrings. A loose updo or a half-up, half-down style gives a sophisticated and fun look that’s perfect for lace and halter cocktail dresses. Wavy hair cascading down from a messy updo can give you an effortless look that still showcases your locks.

If you’re looking to go more casual with your look, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your hair. You have much more freedom to experiment when going for a more casual look. Consider a loose fishtail braid or incorporating braids into a half-up, half-down simple hairstyle. A messy bun can be the perfect complement to a casual outfit, and you can even get away with simply curling or straightening your hair and giving it a little volume with some volumizing spray.

Craft a Makeup Look Based on Your Hairstyle

Hair and makeup go hand in hand with one another. And believe it or not, you can match your makeup looks to your hair color and style. This, again, depends on what you have planned for your Valentine’s Day celebration. But as long as you follow these simple tips, feel free to get creative and test out which makeup looks best suit your taste and your hair.

For blondes and lighter hair colors, golden makeup hues always complement well. Nude lipstick and eye shadows with peach or pink shades can bring out the warmer tones in your hair, not to mention pink is an adorable color choice for Valentine’s Day. Beige and neutral colors will also complement blondes and strawberry blondes well.

Darker shades of hair can withstand bolder makeup choices. Darker eyeshadows that match the undertones in your hair are always a good choice for a bold makeup look. You can use bright and vibrant lipstick for a fearless and daring look. You can even play with makeup styles that match hair accessories like headbands, clips, and hair ties.

Neutral earthy tones complement natural redheads exceptionally well. Whether that means a lovely beige or a neutral green shade is up to you. If you’re looking to complement color-treated red hair or other bright salon-treated tones, you can try to match your eye makeup to the tone of your hair for a fun and spunky look. But at the end of the day, what matters most is that you love how your hair and makeup looks.

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