A beautiful and well-done makeup does not only depend on the products you apply to the skin. To get a good result it is important to use the right accessories and learn how to take care of them properly.   

That’s why in today’s post we’ll show you how to wash makeup sponges in the right and most efficient way. Come and see:

What is the makeup sponge for?


The best way to properly wash your makeup sponge is to understand how and what it is used for.  That’s because, depending on the product, the cleaning method ends up being a little different. Conventional sponges, recognized for their round and thin shape, are used to apply powder, fixatives and to even out the skin. 

In general, this type of sponge does not come into contact with oily products, which makes cleaning easier. Drop-shaped or oval sponges, on the other hand, which have been the most successful nowadays, are used for foundation and corrective application. And although these products often contain no oil in the formula, they can still be more difficult to remove, so cleaning the sponge should be more careful. 

Step by step to wash makeup sponge


Warm water and soap are essential when cleaning any makeup sponge, no matter which method you choose to use. But it is important to use a mild soap to prevent product residues from causing skin allergies. In this case, you can opt for neutral soap, facial soap, or even baby shampoo. 

Here are two sure-fire methods to clean your makeup sponge correctly and effortlessly.

How to wash makeup sponge with hot water

The process for washing makeup sponges in hot water is very similar to the previous one. But why wash the sponge in hot water and not just in cold water?  Hot water releases dirt particles more easily and thus makes the process faster and more efficient. 

Write down what you will need for this cleaning method:

  • 1 container, preferably glass
  • Hot water
  • Neutral soap of your choice
  • Paper towel

Start the process by pouring hot water into the glass container. Then add a few drops of mild soap and soak the sponge. Squeeze a few times so that it absorbs the soap and water.

  • Let it soak for approximately ten minutes. If the sponge is very dirty, change the water in half that time. 
  • After the soaking time is over, remove the sponge and wash it in cold running water. 
  • Squeeze well to remove any excess soap and to make sure all product residue has been removed. 
  • Once that’s done, take a sheet of paper towel and press it against the sponge to absorb excess moisture. 
  • Place the sponge on a clean, dry towel and allow it to dry completely. Use the dryer if you want to speed up the drying process.