30 Awesome DIY Wood Projects for Home Decorations

Are you into saving or simply enjoy making things yourself? Well, you have come to the right place. We have prepared you the best list of diy woodworking projects that will transform your home completely. The most amazing thing about these decorations is that you can make them yourself, saving you the cost of buying a new one.

Creating outstanding decorations is also one way of reusing old wood and making them presentable and attractive. Some of the projects are very simple to implement but bring out an exquisite view of you. This calls for a little innovation and skill to create bookshelves, a stylish handrail, some modern key holders, the sky is the limit to all the things you can achieve form your own creativity.

Let’s kick off with the simple woodworking mixing with sophisticated ones.

  1. Wooden Sofa Cup Holder

This is among the simplest projects you can implement that will yield amazing results at the end of the day. All one has to do is put three pieces of wood together then cut a hole in. This is the cheapest method you can explore after buying some $3 lumber. It is very cheap but adds an extra touch to your home.

  1. A simple pallet shelf

With a pallet and a circular saw, this project is good as done. This is also one project that will raise your neighbor eyes ball “how did you do that?”. From the simple Lumber, you can create

  1. An Exquisite Candleholder

Also known as the rustic candle holder, this is one project that should not escape your mind when choosing the easy ones. Having is origin from Adina Johnson Simple Country Life. The level of innovation used in this project is outstanding. One sticking thing is the use of the horseshoe as legs for the candle holder. Make this among your favorites.

  1. Address number wall

The address number wall planter is one of the simplest put attractive things you can make with your very own hand. It also comes with it is every own shelve where one can plant flowers to make it more appealing.

  1. A Birdhouse

This is one project that you can share with the rest of the family. Building a birdhouse is a fun activity that you can involve your kids in, unless if he is a boy scout.

Apart from the building of the house being more fun, the birdhouse serves as decorative decor as well. They have mostly placed in the back yard a place they cannot be tampered with easily.

  1. A Simple X table

The simple X table from Sarah M Dorsey Designs should be among your startup list. It’s very simple to craft and attractive as well. Can serve many purposes, like holding your pumpkin during the Halloween or study books it is your choice to make.

30 Awesome DIY Wood Projects for Home Decorations

Fall Porch and Outdoor X table

  1. DIY Lazy Susan

Among the most ravishing designs, you can craft easily is the lazy Susan. Of course, this does not mean you are lazy when making this equipment but it’s the name of the DIY.

They exist in different versions, remodelaholic has the simplest design you can make.

  1. A wooden Door Mat

it is a fact that wooden Mats add that extra touch to the entrance. They also serve as a means of removing dust from the shoes while entering the house. You will be pleased to know they are also among the simplest designs you can make form home.

You can have a look at Ashley’s designs at Domestic Imperfections, for the simplest ways to make a wooden doormat.

  1. A Unique Hanging Basket Frame

This you will only see in high-end houses, what if you could make it yourself. It may seem complicated but it is among the simplest designs you can use for your home decoration. Make one and use it on your porch and see the difference.

  1. Jelly Bean Dispenser

Using jelly beans or any candy of the same size will work similarly. Made of lumber this is one of the cheapest dispensers you can make from home. You can have a look at OutdoorGirl16196 for more instruction on how to make your very own Jelly Bean Dispenser.

  1. A Wooden Candleholder

Talk about a simple wooden candle holder that will change your perspective of simplicity. The Scrap Wood Candle Holder is one simple decor you can make with just a few pieces of wood.

To make it more appealing and attractive it is recommended that one should stain each layer of the wood with a different finish before assembling it.

  1. Wooden Bookend

Some of the decors that do not require accurate measurements are the Wooden Bookend. The Wooden Bookend is crafted from wood but yields amazing results.

  1. DIY Bottle Vase

A bottle vase is one decorative project that is very easy to make and use. They are designed to keep the flowers moist and for many other purposes.

30 Awesome DIY Wood Projects for Home Decorations

Source: http://nur-noch.blogspot.com/2015/01/flaschenvase-bottle-vase.html

  1. Wooden Floral Centerpiece

The wooden floral centerpiece is similar to the DIY bottle Vase. It is simple to create and is also used to keep flowers moist.

  1. DIY Wooden Hangers

One can make admirable stockings hangers by nailing two pieces of wood together. After nailing the two pieces of wood together, you have to add the hook which is used to hang the stockings. Then choose the rightful color make it a masterpiece.

  1. Charging station

Making the best out of technology is one way to make the best decors ever. A charging station is one unique and attractive not only to the tech owners but your home as well.

You can make the charging station yourself saving you the cost of getting a new one form the store. All you need is to cut a hole in a piece of board, stain the board with a finisher to make it more appealing. Then enjoy using your very own charging station.

  1. Wooden Family Decor

Make use of the best decors for family and friends. This is the best gift to present to your homes especially on that perfect occasion to raise their spirits. All you need to make is paint for the color and wordings, scrapbook paper to put into the blocks not forgetting Mod Podge.

Show your friends and family some love on that special occasion.

  1. A Bike Rack

You may be wondering the increased number of bikes in your back-yard form family and friends. Here is a solution that can solve all your problems. The wooden Bike Rack is simple to comprehend and make.

The Bike rack helps keep the bikes stable form falling off, keeping the bikes separate from each other.

  1. An Outdoor bench

Building a simple outdoor bench is simple and fun. In addition to this is comfortable when you have friends over for an outdoor party. All you need is some Lumber and something to keep them together, some nails will work perfectly.

  1. A nightstand

As nightstand is designed to keep them all the things you need while on your bed close to you. Good examples include your phone, a novel, glass of water and many others. Making one yourself saves you the cost of buying a new one. In Addition to this making the Nightstand is very simple and a fun process.

  1. Workbench

Looking for a workbench, why not make one yourself? The cost of acquiring a new workbench is much more than $20 but you can make one for the same amount or less. All you need is the correct measurement to get you started. It may not match the design is the high-end store but it gets the job done perfectly.

  1. Wooden shelf

A wooden shelf has many purposes in any room. It can be used to hold pictures, clocks, and many other accessories. it also very easy to make

  1. A farmhouse kitchen table

All you need to make this table is the right measurement of timber and some nails and finish. The table adds an extra touch to the beauty of the whole house. This table is ideal if you want to bring out that farmhouse design vividly.

30 Awesome DIY Wood Projects for Home Decorations

Source: http://simplesoutherncharmblog.com/2×4-farm-house-table/

  1. Wooden Planter

A wooden planter makes planting admirable. Imagine your plant nurseries looking so amazing. This is the perfect solution for those flowers you want to keep near the house.

  1. Wooden Flag Blocks

The level of creativity when making this block is up to you. You can make almost any flag you see fit. All one has to do is cut the ends of the lumber, sand them and get down to painting. It is easy and very attractive.

  1. Modern Lamp

Why bother buying a lamp when you can make one right in the comfort of your home?The Funky Modern lamp is easy to construct, you can either make it long or short depending on what suits you best.Then add the lampshade and you are all sorted.

  1. Hanging Wine Rack

If you are looking for outstanding taste and style, the hanging wine rack will certainly raise eyeballs. The gorgeous rack is attractive amazing to have around especially if you are used to popping a bottle of wine from time to time.

  1. Home Made picture frames

Acquiring a picture frame can be very costly. What if you could make your own picture frames? All you need is little pieces of wood and you are all sorted. They are easy to make, plus to have the freedom to choose which color suits you best.

  1. A Wooden Plant stand

Wooden plant stands are the best solution to keep those beautiful flowers high above the ground where they can be seen. Building a wooden plant stand is incredibly easy and it costs you less than $10 when done, this includes the paint job and the cost of wood acquired.

Make every project count; make the best out of them and save some extra cash while doing it.

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