That 40 is the new 30 is as true as that the earth is round, right? And it is that women’s clothing has long been left behind when you reach this figure, becoming serious, boring, or monotonous. Oh if our grandmothers had been able to choose between everything we have today …
Anchoring ourselves in the past would make no sense in 2020, and after all that women have achieved over all these years, so let’s kick the closet and enjoy this new decade.

Style tips for dressing at 40

  • Make use of combinations between timeless garments and trendy pieces, you will achieve a mature look but without falling into boredom.
  • Choose the garments according to your morphology and silhouette, there is nothing more important to look perfect than feeling comfortable and safe.
  • Make black your ally for clean and minimalist days. Elegant, with character and the latest. Can you ask for more from a color?
  • Do not give up sneakers, they are the perfect complement to be comfortable, with the latest trends, and without losing a bit of style.
  • Find your perfect white shirt, a basic that fits any age and is a must-have wardrobe staple.
A casual look for women 40 years

Sometimes it is difficult to reflect maturity and confidence without looking in the mirror and looking bored. But, rest assured! We are here to help you create a more than perfect look by combining timeless and classic pieces with more current and trendy pieces.

  1. Beige trench coat
  2. Flowy checked shirt
  3. Mint green waxed pants to give the key sexy and trendy touch
  4. Shiny crocodile leather bag

Tell the world that at 40 you are sophisticated but that you still have a lot to risk.
Safe and stylish, but most of all, fun! Ready to succeed!

An evening look at 40


With this look, we bring you a balance between the sexy and the elegant, between the feminine and the sophisticated. How are we going to get it? Well, subtly highlighting your silhouette, opting for quality garments and fabrics with drapes studied to adapt to your curves or morphology.

  1. The semi-transparent flowing blouse that will discreetly highlight your cleavage
  2. A leather effect pencil skirt that adapts to your hips and stylizes your silhouette
  3. Thin strap sandals so that your legs take the center stage they deserve