Your living room is such a place in your home where you can hang out with your loved ones, watch a movie together, play board games, or even read your favorite book by the fireplace. In a nutshell, you can relax and chill in your living room. Hence, the right kind of décor items and, especially, furniture facilitate in creating even a more comfortable environment for everyone to unwind. However, some people worry about getting their high-end furniture stained, but this isn’t a big problem since slipcovers like recliner chair covers or sofa covers are ideal for protecting your furniture from dust and dirt.

Speaking of recliner chairs, you can find comfortable lounge chairs for your living room in different styles and sizes. Lounge chairs can only be comfortable for you if they match your preference. Although you will find plenty of lounge chairs available on the market, getting the right one can be slightly hard.

Therefore, this article will guide you in choosing the best and most comfortable lounge chair for your living room. Read on!

How to Choose Comfy Lounge Chairs for Living Room? - longe, interior design, home, chair

Consider the Size

How can you expect to relax in your lounge chair if it’s too tall or congested for your body? Hence, considering the size of a lounge chair is a must.

Before investing in a lounge chair, you should sit on it to test it. You should make sure that your feet touch the ground quite comfortably when you sit on the chair, and you don’t have to point your knees up or down, as this can cause pain.

Furthermore, if you want to lounge in your chair, you can opt for a wider chair as it will give you more space and comfort.

It’s also vital to consider that your lounge chair spares space for others to comfortably walk around it, and it doesn’t cramp up your small living room.

Lounge Chair Seat

The construction of the seat is essential to take into account, as it supports your body weight. You can get a lounge chair with stiff or fluffy padding.

If the seat is too stiff, you won’t be able to sit on it for too long, as it will start causing you discomfort. Whereas, on the other hand, a seat that is super soft will make you sink into the chair, therefore, making it harder for you to maintain the right ergonomic posture.

Hence, you’d better opt for a lounge chair that is neither too soft nor too hard to sit on and still provides ideal support to you.

Again, a “sit test” will help you figure out the right one for you.

The Back of the Chair

When looking for a comfy lounge chair for your living room, you will find chairs with both high and low back support. If you don’t want to lounge in, then a chair with a low back will be perfect for you.

Whereas, if you want to watch a movie or even read your favorite books in the lounge chair, then you need to have proper lumbar support. For this purpose, chairs with high back support will be ideal.

In case you get your hands on lounge chairs with a tight and firm back, you can always place some cozy throw pillows that will serve the purpose of both functionality and decor.


It completely depends on you whether you want a lounge chair with arms or not. Usually, chairs with arms are more comfortable because they provide a place for your arms to rest.

You should also consider the height of the arms, as arms that are too high will strain your shoulders. So it would be best to test this factor as well before making a final purchasing decision.

Moreover, arms that are made of wood or metal can be stiff. Whereas, padded arms can be quite comfortable for you, hence, you need to take this into account too.

The Fabric

The fabric of the lounge chair seat not only determines its look but also its comfort level. Usually, velvet and leather seats will last much longer and are ideal for giving a luxurious look to your living room. They feature a great, smooth texture as well.

Cotton and microfiber materials are also soft to the touch and are budget-friendly as well, so it depends on your liking.

Lounge Chair Quality

Last but not the least, you must not overlook the importance of the quality of a lounge chair. Of course, a premium quality chair will not only last for years but will also give you peace of mind and an exceptional level of comfort.

The padding, construction, material, filling, frame, and seating support should all be given equal preference. Although the upfront cost may be more than average, it still will be worth the money.