If you’re looking for a career that is fun and has the potential to actually change people’s lives in ways they can notice right away, why not try getting a degree in personal training. While an actual college degree isn’t necessary for all states, sometimes a simple certification will do, clients and employers alike will find the degree much more comforting when you possess it. Here are some things to remember when becoming a personal trainer and helping get people back in shape for a healthier lifestyle going forward.

How to Become a Personal Trainer and Get Paid to Work Out - specialty, personal trainer, learning

Practice What You Preach

Not everyone expects their personal trainer to be completely chiseled with rock-hard abs, but you should at the very least be in shape. Nobody is going to pay for exercise advice and instruction from someone who does not look like they are also in shape. When you gain a favorite workout routine and know what exercises work the best to solve someone’s trouble spots, you will be able to pass on this info to your clients and become much more reputable.

Cultivate Your Personality

Personal trainers have a wide variety of personalities. You should never try to exhibit one that is not a natural extension of yourself. Some trainers have a very calm personality that they use to train their clients while some are more forceful, almost like a drill instructor. Use whatever works for you. Remember that clients also have a wide variety of personalities so you will attract those who enjoy your personality.

Formal Education

A college education probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of teaching people how to exercise, but it is certainly something to look into. By studying such subjects as anatomy, kinesiology, and even business, you can develop yourself into a force to be reckoned with. Paying for your degree is a snap if you take out a student loan from a private lender. The best part of using a private lender versus a government-backed student loan is that you are fostering a personal relationship with the said lender. This can be leveraged in the future to use credit for equipment purchases or even to open your own gym.

Pick A Specialty

Going to work at a gym as a general personal trainer is a great way to get your feet wet directly out of college. However, the better income opportunities lie in specializing with certain subsections of the general population. This could be working with children, seniors, or even those who have been injured or permanently disabled. Any of these specialties will give you an advantage over your competition.

Continue Learning

Learning in your career does not end after you have a degree and become certified. In fact, fitness is a career that is constantly updating itself and is prone to many trends. You will need to stay on top of these so that you can offer everything that your clients want. You may also want to pursue additional certifications such as nutrition or trademarked fitness programs such as CrossFit.