If you’re looking to spice up your outfits with new denim clothing items, look no further! We will be giving you some tips on how you can amp up your denim looks.

There are different types of denim jeans that exist. Some of the most famous ones include the straight leg, the slim straight, and the wide-leg jean.

How to Amp Up Your Denim Looks - look, jeans, fashion, color

The straight leg is most likely the most popular jean cut because it’s “not too tight and not too relaxed”. Because of this cut, the straight leg jean is a wardrobe essential, suitable for most occasions.

The slim straight, or slim fit cut, is described as “slim up top and straight through the knee”. It tends to start lower around your hips than other types of jeans.

Wide-leg jeans are exactly what they sound like. They are large around the legs and slim up top. They were everywhere in the 90s but have recently made an impressive comeback.

Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh, explained that consumers are more interested in “relaxed fits” nowadays. Because of this, skinny and tight jeans sales have declined over the years.

If you are looking for something more original than the classic jeans, you can select one of the following denims.  Because these items are less known, they can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Selvedge Denim is an example of a more original type of denim. It can be described as “the reinforced version of unwashed or raw denim” with its “clean natural edges that don’t fray”.

Because it doesn’t fray like some other jeans, selvedge denim tends to be on the more expensive side. However, if you can afford to invest in a pair of selvedge denim jeans, you will have a more authentic item of clothing.

Bandana denim jeans are another stylish type of jeans. They include bandana patchwork details, making them fun, original, and very fashionable.

Bandana denim jeans tend to showcase a strong stretch denim and are usually cut in a mid-skinny fashion.

These urban jeans can come in the form of “ripped jeans with bandana patches” in the tears. They can also come with prints on them.

Bandana denim jeans include different patchwork that can vary from brand to brand. You can look at different brands to find your preferred bandana patchwork.

Picking a pair of jeans is subject to your own personal preferences. You can opt for a jean cut that enhances some of your physical features for example.

We recommend that you pick a jean that you’re comfortable and confident in wearing. After selecting your denim, you can amp up your look by accessorizing it to your liking.

Here are some of our tips and tricks to help you create the perfect look.

You can start by thinking about motifs and colors before selecting an accessory. If your denim jean is black, you can pick an accessory that is either of the same color or that fits the overall tone of your outfit.

For example, you can accessorize your Selvedge Denim with a gold chain, as David Beckham has done.

If you’re wearing bandana denim jeans, think about the patchwork on your jeans. You can coordinate your t-shirt or accessorize your outfit with a matching scarf that echoes your patchwork motifs.

Don’t forget to think about textures and fabrics. You can also play with those, without mixing and matching too much, to create a nice pattern between your different clothing items.

You can also accessorize your outfit with a nice blazer to look more elegant and formal.

Pairing your outfit with some rings, bracelets, a hat, or a nice pair of sunglasses, can also amp up your style.

Denim will never go out of fashion. It is a versatile item that you can accessorize to fit any occasion.

Once you find a type of denim that suits your needs, have fun with it! Accessorize your outfits with similar color items, textures, and motifs.