Think of masquerade outfits and you will probably invoke images of elaborate costumes with masked participants. A typical masquerade ball will have music and dancing, as well as mystique. Whether you’re planning to add masks to your interior design or throw a masquerade ball, you need to understand this tradition properly.

How To Add Masquerade Outfits Into Interior Design - project, masquerade, interior design, home, decor

The History Of Masquerade Outfits

Masquerade balls gained popularity in the 15th century. The events became more and more glamorous with royal balls, such as those provided by King Charles VI of France being the most luxurious.

Traditionally, this type of ball is associated with Venice, although they gained popularity across Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

What is perhaps most interesting is not the reputation the balls got for unseemly behaviour or even the elaborate costumes. It is a fact that the masks were not just designed to hide identities. They were created in different colours. This allowed the wearer to voice emotions and opinions without being judged.

Masquerade balls, commonly known as costume balls, faded in popularity after the 18th century. However, they have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, making the masquerade outfit desirable again.

How To Add Masquerade Outfits Into Interior Design - project, masquerade, interior design, home, decor

How To Add Masquerade Into Your Interior Design Project

Today there are some stunning examples of masquerade outfits available. But, they are no longer just something to be worn.

There are many stunning examples of costumes and, in particular, masks, that can be used to create the right ambience in your home. Masks usually have a base colour of black or white and are then adorned with a variety of colours and patterns. It’s possible to choose simplistic versions with a splash of gold, or more complicated joker style masks.

If you’re hoping to incorporate a masquerade mask into your interior design then you need to consider the theme of the room you are decorating.

Older-style furnishings lend themselves perfectly to an authentic and complicated design, such as the Damask joker. These make stunning focus points on your wall. But, don’t overdo the collection in one room. The more ornate the mask, the fewer you need to create a statement.

You can also opt for a contemporary handmade mask that reflects years gone by or even has a design of your choice. Keeping your design simple means you can display several masks together, perhaps offsetting them against each other in one spot.

The alternative is to frame the mask and add it to a wall as a piece of art.

Of course, it is also possible to add a mask, or part of a mask into an existing photo or piece of art, it can make a stunning statement.

Finally, you can use the mask on a bust or something similar to create a statement piece.

Final Thoughts

Masquerade outfits have become much more popularity and this has opened up the possibilities regarding outfits, balls, and interior design. If you want to make the right decision, you simply need to be prepared to experiment.

Choose the mask that has a special meaning or that you love, then experiment with where it goes best in your home. You will be happy with the result.