How Fashion Bloggers Wear Knee-High Socks: 19 Outfit Ideas

Even though they seem easy to wear, thigh-high socks can be a little bit intimidating, especially for someone who’s never worn them before. But after seeing all of these pictures of bloggers wearing their socks and looking amazing, we’re sure that you will wanna give another try. A skater skirt and cozy sweater look perfect with high socks and lace-up ankle boots. Another way is to pair your thigh-high socks over sheer tights, a skirt, a denim jacket and a beanie. You don’t have to buy black thigh-highs! Buy a fun color and get ready to be noticed! And our favorite style tip: Thigh-high socks are perfect for a really layered outfit. It looks effortlessly cool, so give it a try. Take a look at these 19 outfit ideas with knee-high socks and get inspiration for your next outfit!

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