Decorating your workspace can keep you in jolly spirits during the holidays. Follow these four tips to make your home office welcoming and celebratory.

Use Christmas Lights in Creative Ways


Image via Flickr by moonhouse

Christmas lights offer an easy way to make your home office festive during the holidays. Instead of just stringing some lights along the ceiling, though, you can take a creative approach that makes your workspace more unique. offers a wide range of beautiful lighting ideas.

Some options for using Christmas lights in your office include:

  • Adding Christmas-themed ornaments with lights built into them
  • Wrap strings of lights around the back of your office chair
  • Cover your walls in lights
  • Use strings of lights to make festive patterns

Remember to turn off Christmas lights at the end of the workday. You want to make the area fun, not create a safety hazard.

Choose a Festive Screensaver

Screensavers were once used to prevent images from burning into screens. With today’s computer screens, that isn’t really an issue. That means you can use inventive screensavers for decorations without worrying about whether they will actually protect your equipment.

There are plenty of sites that offer free screensavers with holiday themes. Some fun examples include:

  • Christmas trees
  • Snowy fields
  • Animated reindeer
  • Nativity scenes
  • Crackling fireplaces

Explore free and paid screensavers to find one you love.

Add a Small Live Christmas Tree to Your Office

You can buy small, fake Christmas trees from practically any department store. Fake trees are fine, but if you want something more special you should consider adding a live Christmas tree to your office.

There are several types of evergreen trees that make appropriate decorations before they get too big to fit your home office. Some choices you may want to add to your office include:

  • Cyprus trees
  • Juniper trees
  • Noble spruce

You can even plant an immature tree in your yard after the holiday season ends. Over the years, you can watch it grow into its full majesty.

If you don’t like the idea of adding a live evergreen to your office, you could use a rosemary plant. Rosemary plants have needles, like evergreen trees, but they stay small and have their own wonderful fragrance.

Edible Decorations are Attractive and Tasty

Your imagination is the only limit to the types of edible decorations that will make your home office attractive and tasty for the Christmas season.

If you’re feeling creative, you could make edible ornaments out of Christmas cookies. Just bake cookies at home and thread a piece of ribbon through them. Then you can hang them from your tree, bookshelf, or desk.

If you’d rather add something quick and easy, buy some decorative bowls and fill them with your favorite candies. M&Ms make a great option because they include so many colors. You can even buy Christmas-themed M&Ms that are green and red.

Adding some Christmas decorations to your home office can help you feel cheery even when you’re working against a tight deadline. Try some of these options to make your office more festive.