Why settle for the fabrics and patterns offered at your local stores? You can create custom accent pillows (for much less) that suit your decor and lifestyle perfectly. Want to brighten up the decor in any room? One of the quickest – and most inexpensive ways – is to change the pillows. Many throw pillows and pillow cases can be created in an afternoon or some even in one hour!

Peacock Pillow

Lovely DIY Peacock Pillow

Pouf Pillow

Easy Pouf Pillow

Recycled Roses Pillow

Rustic Recycled Roses Pillow

Potato Stamp Pillow

Rustic Potato Stamp Pillow

Ruffled Taffeta Pillow

Easy Ruffled Taffeta Pillow

Sprocket Pillow

DIY Sprocket Pillow

Sweater Pillow

Upcycled Sweater Pillow

Watercolor Pillows

Easy DIY Watercolor Pillows

DIY Animal Shaped Pillows

DIY Animal Shaped Pillows

Painted Wheat Pillows

Easy Spray Painted Wheat Pillows

DIY Cactus Pillow

Easy DIY Cactus Pillow

Button Pillow

DIY Button Pillow

Felt Sunflower Pillow

DIY Felt Sunflower Pillow

Gold Foil Accent Pillow

DIY Gold Foil Accent Pillow

Leather Accent Pillow

Easy DIY Leather Accent Pillow

Work Look Pillow

Quilt Work Look Pillow