Decoration and accessories are part of every home. Without them, your space would look like a room without a soul, without a heart! Accessories make the style in which we choose to furnish our home and determine the overall mood and atmosphere. In this article, we will focus on the most important textile accessories that a cosy home cannot do without.

Home Accessories To Make Your Interior Cosy - ornamental rug, kitchen, interior, home decor, home accessories, cosy, carpet, bathroom

Decorative cushions can be placed practically anywhere

Pillows and cushions fill the impersonal space around you and give you a sense of security and safety in your home retreat. With decorative cushions, you can opt for a variety of standard size variations as well as atypical cylindrical or round shapes.

The motifs on the cushions can be very diverse. Monochrome decorative cushions will help you in a disparate interior that you want to add a unifying component. On the other hand, in a perfectly coordinated interior, you can afford cushions with more extravagant motifs and colours.

Home Accessories To Make Your Interior Cosy - ornamental rug, kitchen, interior, home decor, home accessories, cosy, carpet, bathroom

Tip: Decorative cushions are usually more expensive than separate pillowcases. So it may be easier on your wallet if you buy plain cushions and then simply change their covers according to the season or mood.

Choose rugs according to room and purpose

Rugs are a versatile decorative accessory for any room. Although we don’t always notice rugs at first glance in an interior, they’re actually very important in the overall impression. If you live in an older, cooler house, choose a long pile carpet to cover the entire floor. This will keep your feet warm even on the coldest winter days. On the other hand, carpets with shorter pile lengths are best for maintenance. They’re easier to vacuum and clean. Carpets are usually best suited to the upstairs – bedrooms, or perhaps in small nooks or snugs. Keep them away from bathrooms and kitchens – that style is best left in the 70s!

You’ll use ornamental rugs not only when you want to show off a beautiful floor and a stunning rug at the same time, but especially in places where you need to control the heating. For example, when you’re getting out of a warm bed or in places with cold tiles, like the bathroom.

The choice of colour and motif tends to be the obvious choice for many. But if your interior is more extravagant, or you can afford to experiment, then the decision is even harder. There are plenty of rugs on the market today in a wide variety of motifs and colours, including designer pieces.

You can always rely on a rug in neutral shades of grey or beige. You can’t go wrong here. In interiors with warmer colours and vintage styles, you can also choose from rugs with Persian patterns. Abstract motifs are particularly recommended for minimalist interiors with subtle colours.

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