The arrival of your precious little bundle of joy brings with it a whirlwind of joy and excitement to your life- and lots of stress, panic, and fatigue. As a new mom, caring for a newborn can be a challenging task. Establishing the perfect bedtime routine, soothing them as they cry, bathing them, and changing their nappy at the right time are just some of the responsibilities synonymous with caring for a new baby. All these can get quite overwhelming, especially when it is your first time.

Helpful Tips For New Moms To Make Looking After Their Babies Easier - sleep, diapers, crib, change, baby carrier, baby

Accordingly, we have gathered a list of hacks and tricks that will help make your life a little life with a newborn a tad easier during the initial phase.

Set the Right Sleep Routine

Getting a decent night’s sleep with your lovebug may feel like a distant dream. While there is no set schedule for a newborn to fall asleep as they have their days and nights mixed up, you can develop a bedtime routine as they start to get older. Establishing a bedtime schedule as early as possible will pave the way for them to fall asleep at the right time and make them less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and disrupt their sleep.

To encourage the desired sleep pattern, do not let your little angel’s nap exceed 3 hours during the daytime. Open the curtains, play with their favorite toys, and do not worry too much about distractions like the TV sound. At night, change the baby into pajamas and a fresh nappy, dim the lights in the room, and sing a sweet lullaby to ease them into a soothing good sleep.

Put Them In a Crib

Putting your baby in a cot or crib right beside your bed provides a secure and comfortable sleep environment for them and one where they can play while they are awake. While sharing the room with the little one during their early years is crucial, they must not share the bed with you, at least until their first birthday. Sleeping with your baby beside you puts them at serious risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Put your baby to sleep in their safe spot by placing them on their back while keeping toys, pillows, loose bedding, and other soft objects out of their sleep area. Not only will that protect them from sleep-related risks, but help you sleep easier too.

Use a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is an invaluable tool that gives you the convenience of not having to watch your baby’s movements from moment to moment. Whether you are sleeping or running daily errands, a baby monitor allows you to constantly keep a careful tab on your baby while they are in their crib all alone.

Besides allowing you to see and hear your infant from anywhere in the home, modern-day baby monitors, like the Owlet monitor, come with essential features that set them apart from others. To get the ultimate peace of mind about your baby’s health and safety, you can now track your infant’s oxygen levels and heart rate while they sleep using Owlet Smart Socks, which have a built-in pulse oximeter. Clinically approved as safe for newborns, the soft fabric of the smart sock monitor fits seamlessly onto the baby’s foot without having any adverse effect on their sleep or comfort.

Buy a Baby Carrier

Baby carriers provide a great comfort zone for your little one. Carrying your baby as you shop, travel, and run other errands can become a very tedious task. A robust, sturdy baby carrier allows you to walk around with your baby hands-free while ensuring that they rest comfortably in it. Whether you carry your baby on the chest or back, an infant carrier enables you to move around the baby securely and with minimal effort.

Change Diapers Frequently

An infant generally urinates every few hours and has about two or more bowel movements a day. That makes it crucial that you check their diapers regularly and change them soon after they get dirty. Keeping your baby dry and clean will also reduce their crying due to the discomfort that a wet or poopy diaper causes.

Furthermore, leaving the soiled diaper on for long periods can not only cause leaks that can spread to their clothes and crib but lead to severe diaper rash. Babies with diaper rash usually fuss and cry as it annoys them when the affected area is touched.

Helpful Tips For New Moms To Make Looking After Their Babies Easier - sleep, diapers, crib, change, baby carrier, baby

As a nervous new mom, we hope that these tips can help you feel confident about handling your newborn and become a pro at parenting in no time!