We’ve rounded up our favorite DIY Halloween party games and activities for kids. A list of Halloween party games for kids that use items you already have. Kids of all ages will have a blast and you won’t spend a cent. Halloween parties don’t have to be scary. You can have a party that’s perfect for kids of all ages. A party where fun will be had and memories will be made (not nightmares).

Spider On The Web Game

Pin The Spider On The Web Game Etsy.com

Count The Candy Corn Game

Count The Candy Corn Gamebhg

Cornhole Game For Kids

DIY Halloween Cornhole Game For Kids


Ghost Toss

DIY Halloween Ghost Tossmessforless

Fun Halloween Bingo

Super Fun Halloween Bingocrazylittleprojects

Bucket Toss Game

Fun DIY Halloween Bucket Toss Gamegetsboredeasily

Tin Can Halloween Bowling Game

Repurposed Tin Can Halloween Bowling Gamekeepingitsimplecrafts

Scavenger Hunt Game

Super Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt GameEtsy.com

Marshmallow Toss Game

DIY Marshmallow Toss Gamehgtv

Face On The Pumpkin

Pin The Face On The Pumpkin tatertotsandjello

Bow Tie On The Skeleton

Pin The Bow Tie On The Skeleton parents

Poke A Pumpkin Game

DIY Poke A Pumpkin Gameprojectdenneler

Pop Goes The Pumpkin Game

Pop Goes The Pumpkin Gamemarthastewart

Pumpkin Bowling Game

Fun DIY Pumpkin Bowling Gameidigpinterest

Halloween Spin Game

Halloween Spin GameEtsy.com