It is well known that when you look good, you feel good. Whether you’re a minimalist who swears by their capsule wardrobe or someone who enjoys playing with the latest fashion trends and has a closet full of different looks — you may be missing some key items in your wardrobe that are an instant mood boost. After all, the devil is in the details, as they say, and making sure you’ve got the little details pinned down for your look is what gives you that mood and confidence boost. So let us take a look at some additions you may not have even realized you needed.

Five Wardrobe Additions To Help Boost Your Mood - wardrobe additions, Sunglasses, Sneakers, matching sets, gold, boost your mood

Matching Sets

One way to always look put together is to wear a matching set. Sure, their trendiness has come and gone, but they’ve roared back onto the scene and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Whether you want to wear a matching sweatsuit while running errands or a matching athleisure get-up as your outfit for the day, sets are it. Don’t neglect your nighttime routine, either. Wearing matching pajamas as you climb into your bed every night, you can’t help but feel chic, even if you’re just going to be counting sheep. So, invest in some matching sets for your wardrobe so you can look put together and feel great without putting a second thought into what to wear that day. 

Go-To Tops

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a wardrobe full of tops that you never wear. Studies have shown that most people wear less than twenty percent of the clothing in their closets. Don’t be this person! Try on all your tops one by one and donate or sell all of them that don’t make you feel fantastic. Figure out the go-to style that makes you feel attractive and invest in them. There’s nothing wrong with owning five of your favorite plus size tops in the same or different colors. Having your go-tos that you know look good with any pants or skirt makes getting dressed more straightforward, and you’ll always be in a great mood.

Sensible Sneakers

Once upon a time, a movement of “sneakerheads” was born. They collected the latest and most stylish sneakers that came out from whatever brand they favored. With the rise of streetwear and virtually everyone rocking this look a couple of days a week, having a pair of clean and fresh sneakers will always make you look like you know what’s in vogue — even when you don’t. With streetwear being “in,” you can pair your athletic shoes with dresses, slacks — anything you want, really — and you’ll always look cool. Not to mention, athletic shoes are “sensible” in that they generally provide excellent support, meaning you’ll feel comfortable and have high energy all day!

All Gold Everything

It’s hard to imagine that gold ever fell out of favor, but it did for a short time. Now, you can look on-trend and pulled together with a couple of layered gold chains, no matter what else you’re wearing. While investing in high-end or designer jewelry is always worth it, you don’t have to pull off this look. Even if you decide to go the fast fashion route with your jewelry, your wardrobe needs some signature gold pieces. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans, and if you pair that look with some chunky gold, you’ll always be good to go!

Get Shady, Baby!

If you don’t already own a pair of designer sunglasses, do yourself the favor of investing in a pair, like yesterday. Designer sunglasses are a quick and easy way to elevate even the messiest of messy buns. We all get pressed for time and need to run out of the house sans undereye concealer. For times like these (and any time, really!), it’s a good idea to have an oversized, stylish set of sunnies in your style arsenal. So, put a slight dent in your credit card and purchase the pair that strikes your fancy.

Curating a signature look is something that takes decades for some people and hours for others. But, no matter who you are and how strong your sense of style is, it’s always a good idea to refresh and update occasionally. Let this list be your guide if you’ve been looking for some mood-boosting essentials to add to your wardrobe.