According to the psychics and spiritually-minded among us, gemstones and crystals offer more than just beauty.

It’s been theorized that they can be used as a portal into spiritual worlds, increase awareness of the soul, and even heal injuries or diseases.

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Whether or not this is true, we’re not sure. We simply believe… if you’re going to look fabulous wearing fine jewelry pieces, why not be intentional?

You tell us how the gemstones work their magic.

What Makes Gemstones and Crystals Avenues for Spiritual Healing?

Since crystals and gemstones are mined from underground, some believe they are connected to the earth’s core energy and rhythms.

These crystals and stones carry healing vibrations to the surface—and into your home and body.

Think of crystals and gemstones as a “reset” that helps your immune system and soul return to their natural happy place.

Fine Jewelry Meets Emotional Health

We could all use an emotional health boost these days

The good news is, your love of fine jewelry could help you balance your body and mind—while keeping you in high fashion.

Yes, you can certainly buy a number of the gemstones mentioned in this article at a crystal or rock shop. But when you purchase fine jewelry, you’re investing in more than just a slab of crystal.

You’re choosing a stunning, hand-made fine jewelry piece that will outlive you and be passed down for generations. You’re choosing a piece of jewelry that you love to wear for the beauty of it—not only for its health benefits.

And, you’re getting a much higher quality gemstone than you would be able to find at a rock shop. Higher quality equals more health benefits.

The Benefits of Diamond Jewelry

The diamond is the champion of fine jewelry. It’s known far and wide as the preferred engagement ring stone.

And, it’s an all-around beautiful choice for necklaces and tiaras.

A diamond stone is practically indestructible, which should explain its energy as a member of the crystal family. The diamond is associated with strength and royalty.

Diamonds are said to hold a high frequency of vibrations, so they may open blocked chakras. When wearing a diamond, you may experience the awakening of your conscious mind, spiritual growth, and an increase in emotional power.

We recommend keeping the diamond close to your forehead with a diamond-studded tiara. Or, choose diamond stud earrings, which make a beautiful choice for subtle everyday wear.

The Benefits of Emerald Jewelry

Deep green emeralds are connected with the growth of the earth—and of you. This precious stone has gained popularity in the fine jewelry world over the years, and for good reason.

Since emerald is said to enhance communication skills, we recommend wearing it around your throat in a necklace. You may also feel a creative explosion or enjoy financial gains.

The Benefits of Ruby Jewelry

The glistening red ruby is a passionate stone. Wear it when you need to improve your heart health and circulation.

The ruby is also the perfect travel stone. Wear it on a cross-country trip to increase your spontaneity, energy, and curiosity.

Since ruby is a balancing stone, it’s also said to calm hyperactivity. When wearing ruby, you may find yourself laughing more and better able to enjoy life, friends, and family.

If you’re dreading a tumultuous holiday season, we recommend rolling up to your in-laws’, decked out in rubies. You’ll feel more yourself and make your relatives jealous.

The Benefits of Sapphire Jewelry

If sapphire jewelry is good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Sapphire comes in a number of different color varieties—and each offers something different to your spirit.

The deep blue sapphire helps your soul embrace rest. Your thoughts will be more clear and even.

You may also feel an increase in creativity, kindness, and purity.

Erase mental tension and open up your heart to your truest form of joy and love.

To add an extra pop of color to a jewelry piece, consider Ceylon sapphire, the finest quality sapphire that you can buy today.

The Benefits of Iolite Jewelry

Similar in color to the sapphire, iolite makes an excellent and more budget-friendly gemstone choice. It also has loads of health and spiritual benefits, particularly for men.

Ranging from purple to blue hues, iolite is the stone of exploration and adventure. It is known to help those who feel disoriented find their way in the journey of life.

It can help you feel motivated and assured of your passions and path.

Iolite makes a beautiful feature in a men’s ring or men’s earring. Wear it when you go out for drinks with your friends, and it may help you fend off a hangover.

The Benefits of Pearl Jewelry

This underwater gemstone doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight when it comes to healing and spiritual powers.

Pearls have been used in clothing and jewelry for thousands of years—since before 400BC.

Until recently, it was incredibly dangerous to hunt for pearls, so those that were successfully brought to the surface were sold to kings and queens for a high price.

Like its subtle shine, the pearl is associated with positivity and calming energies. When wearing the stones around your neck or as earrings, you may feel more yourself.

Owners of pearls may notice ease in manifestation, feel more protected, and feel more genuine sympathy for those around them.

The Benefits of Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is one of the most stunning semi-precious gemstones available on the market. Its deep blue color reminds us of the sky on a cloudless day.

Like other blue stones, it possesses calming energies that help the wearer relax and unwind.

It is known as a guardian stone and has been worn by concerned travelers as a form of protection. It’s also said to protect women during their pregnancy and prevent miscarriage—which makes aquamarine jewelry a great push present idea.

Aquamarine looks particularly beautiful in a set of dangly earrings. But you can also wear it on a men’s ring, women’s ring, or a necklace with rotating diamonds.

The Overall Benefits of Gemstones in Fine Jewelry

If you are a fine jewelry fanatic and have been feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your life, we highly recommend trying new gemstones based on your moods and desires.

Even if the gemstones don’t hold all the power we think they might, colors are powerful—and the joy a new jewelry piece brings you is enough to boost your mood.

Give it a try and see how these gemstones work for you.