For as long as anyone can remember, artists and thinkers of all kinds have sought the inspiration of their personal muses. If you are an artist or philosopher struggling to capture that next image, that next style, that next breakthrough, then what better place than the Mediterranean, where it all began? No, the Balearic Islands are not Greek Islands. Rather, they are located off the coast of Spain. Even so, many people believe it was the beauty and tranquillity of the sea that was the real inspiration of many a poet, artist or philosopher throughout the ages. As the largest of these islands, Mallorca has always been an artist’s dream come true.

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Famed Spanish Surrealist Joan Miró Found His Muse in Mallorca

Born in Barcelona, Joan Miró was the son of a Catalonian father and a Mallorcan mother. He was naturally introverted and unlike other children his age, he didn’t go in for games and other childhood pursuits. Rather, he would sit quietly observing nature such as the flight of birds or the way the sunlight glistened off the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Although he was raised in Barcelona, he would spend summers on the island of his mother’s birth and it was here that he found his own personal muse. Born in 1883, living to the ripe age of 90, he was often quoted as saying that those childhood days observing the beauty of the island were where his love affair with art began.

More Than an Artist’s Dream – It’s a Way of Life on Mallorca

Other, more contemporary artists like Vivian Borsani, who now has an art gallery in Palma, have also stated that they were captivated by the scenic beauty and way of life on this Balearic Island. So many artists who have found and been inspired by their muses on the island have later returned to find that one piece of dream real estate in Mallorca where they could create some amazing masterpieces now on display in galleries around the world. To these artists, the inspiration they found was more than a visual representation of the island but instead a way of life that captivated them. Yes, the scenery is majestic and the climate is comfortable throughout the year, but it’s the people and their way of life which is so inspiring to an artist seeking inspiration.

Every Day on the Island Is Like Living a Dream Come True

Whether you are an artist seeking your own personal muse or simply looking for a quiet place to work without all the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, Mallorcan real estate offers just what you need. Not only will you be surrounded by the very same scenery that inspired countless artists over the centuries but you, too, will luxuriate in those tranquil surroundings. As some artists and thinkers have said, in the busy world of London, Paris, Madrid or New York, “You can’t hear yourself think much less create.”

And so it is that so many artists have sprung up from or made their way to this amazingly inspirational island in the Mediterranean where every day is a dream come true.