Taking driving test exam is not only exciting but quite stressful too. Therefore, often there are chances that you may forget important things.

Therefore, as one of the resources for driving test, we are listing few things that you must keep in mind so that you may not forget them in hurry while appearing for the driving test.

Few Things Often People Forget While Appearing for Driving Test - signals, parking job, mistake, green traffic signal, driving test, distance, curve, condition, check traffic, car, braking, ane changing, advice

1. Rushing during parking job

Often during driving test, you may be asked to park your car parallel with some other car. Often in hurry or tension, the candidate ends up parking in the wrong manner, which gives enough chance to the examiner to deduct few marks from your driving test exam.

2. Inconsistent during braking or accelerating

The examiner wants to see how you can drive on a busy road in a confident manner. Therefore, while applying brake or accelerating the car you must be very careful. If you apply brake unnecessarily then the examiner will think you are too scared.

Similarly, acceleration must not be applied where there is speed limit zone.

3. Handling the curve in wrong way

If you notice any curvy path then you must plan well ahead to turn your wheel accordingly. Your late reaction can easily be noticed by the examiner.

4. Mistake of lane changing

You must maintain your lane while driving and don’t make any haste to change the lane for crossing any other vehicle ahead of you. In case it is really very essential to change the lane then make sure that you provide signal and also use the mirror to check your behind.

5. Though green traffic signal but forget to check traffic

Despite green traffic signal, you must check the traffic condition around you instead of rushing ahead.

6. Not following safe distance

While driving behind any vehicle, maintain a safe distance so that in case the front driver applies brake then you have sufficient time available to apply brake. Also, if someone is following you from behind then too you must allow sufficient gap.

7. Not using signals enough during turn

Examiner will closely watch whether you make use of signals while turning. Rather you must try to overuse the signal instead of underusing. Not using signal enough will certainly go against you for your score.

8. Ask for advice from examiner during driving test

While driving even during test certain difficult situation may arise where there may be confusion what to do. Better you avoid asking the examiner for advice in such situation.

You must use your judgement and maneuver the car appropriately all by yourself rather than asking fore advice. This will show up your confidence during driving.

9. Not checking the condition of the car

While appearing for driving test, make sure that your car is in perfect order and in driving condition. Often people forget to check the condition of the car and end up facing embarrassment during driving test.

Take some time to check all the functions of the car before you go for the driving test.