Have you heard of Coolsculpting? Maybe, but unfortunately not as many people know about it as they should. Coolsculpting is an amazing way to tone and chisel the body into absolute perfection, getting rid of all that extra fat that you simply don’t need. It’s really unfortunate that it’s not as big of a name as, let’s say, something like Botox, but it is still growing in popularity.

There are many different kinds of treatments that offer toning, but none are as easy and safe as Coolsculpting in New York and other major cities’ favorite new way to strip body fat in some of the most inconvenient places.

So, here’s some general information, as well as a few fun facts you may want to hear about Coolsculpting.

Fascinating Facts About Coolsculpting - fashion, coolsculpting, beauty

1.It’s non-invasive and non-surgical

You know how there are certain treatments which involve a few cuts and gashes? Those aren’t always fun and require some time to recover from. Then there are also minimally-invasive treatments, which are constituted of a few injections and nothing more past that. Much simpler and less painful than treatments involving incisions, but still; the thought of having an injection into your face isn’t always comforting.

But then there’s Coolsculpting, which is non-invasive or non-surgical. This means there is no cutting, making incisions, breaking, tearing, injecting of any sorts. The treatment works without any kind of damage to the skin. For many people, this is a very important factor, since not everyone is comfortable with having to go through cutting and injecting.

2.Fat gets cold and then it goes away

Now sure: this was a bit of an extreme simplification of what Coolsculpting actually does and how it works. But the treatment, as the name implies, uses cool air to chisel away body fat in the most inconvenient places on the body.

First of all, what are fat layers or clumps made of? Well, they’re a bunch of fat cells stuck together in some very uncomfortable places, like under the chin, inner and outer thigh, around the waist. Some of these aren’t generally too annoying, but some are downright abstructive, like on the inner thigh, which cause the skin of the legs to rub against each other when walking, resulting in rashes and skin irritation.

But fat cells have a special weakness: the cold. When they come into contact with a certain cold temperature, they basically commit self destruction and break away from the rest of the layer of fat. Once this happens, the body naturally cleans it out of the system and there you go. There is now less fat in that area.

Coolsculpting uses specialized pumps which are placed on various parts of the body and pump cold air consistently on the treated region, which stimulates the fat cells to begin their self-destruct sequence. Once they die out, the body rinses them out. So basically, the only artificial aspect of this treatment is the actual stimulation of fat cells; the rest of the process is accomplished naturally by your body’s own abilities. This is why there’s no need for any cuts or incisions.

3.It has a really short recovery time…

But the catch to this is that you may have to wait a couple of months for the full effect to become noticable. Since the treatment is mostly reliant on your body’s natural abilities, it takes some time for the fat cells to be cleaned out of your body and for the layer of fat to subside.

However, unlike other treatments, which require meticulous maintenance and treatment following the procedure, all you really have to do is wait out the side effects for the first one or two days, and then simply avoid doing the things that generate fat, like eating junk food or being physically inactive.

The side effects are generally minor and include things like soreness of the treated area or dry skin because of the cold air. But again, these go away within the first two days and you don’t really have to worry about them disrupting your day. In any case, if you have further questions about the side effects and downtime of Coolsculpting, look over this article to see how you feel about it.

4.Coolsculpting was found with popsicles

You’ve had that frozen treat yourself when you were a kid and you may still do. Well, it was thanks to popsicles that Coolsculpting was even thought of.

Doctors observed that those kids who ate more popsicles generally had less fat in their cheeks. It was upon further examination of this phenomenon that the fat cells’ weakness to cold was discovered and then developed into a treatment. If you’re actually interested in more of the intricate details of the origin of Coolsculpting, try reading about it here in greater detail.

5.You can find it in many clinics

Coolsculpting has become a staple in most clinics across the world. It’s thanks to its simplicity, safety and effectiveness that there are now thousands of people all over the globe taking advantage of the treatments amazing abilities.

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So, if you’re interested to learn even more facts about Coolsculpting, you can find some very interesting things here. If you’ve heard enough and you’re already convinced, then the only thing holding you back from booking that appointment is a few clicks.