With the great history and majestic beauty, painted in every corner, every thought of those who have visited, have imagined, and have loved this Greek Island.

Santorini is a place that charms all the senses… ..The beautiful and unique image of the island with the sounds of the sea, the smell of summer and the taste of love will come alive in your hands and you will live here the ultimate experiences.

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Let’s explore traditional villages of Santorini!

Imerovigli Village

Imerovigli is located about 3 km. from Fira at the highest point of the Caldera, at an altitude of approximately 300 meters with spectacular views of the volcano.

The village of Imerovigli is the highest point of Santorini’s caldera, at a height of 300 meters. Located between Fira and Oia. It is one kilometer from Firostefani, on the north side of Fira.

It is a beautiful traditional village with pure Cycladic declared a nature, with magical views. In Imerovigli you will find hotels and apartments in all categories. As well as gorgeous coffee-bar, restaurant overlooking the bay of Santorini.

When you go in Imerovigli, enjoy the ride through the narrow streets, admire the traditional architecture of graphics houses and churches, you will enjoy magnificent views of the caldera and the volcano, and unique photographs.

Also, see Skaros (old castle hill) in an idyllic location functioned as an observatory at the time of Venetian rule. The castle was destroyed by an earthquake in the year 1817.

Following the path that starts Skaros to get to church Theoskepasti. Situated on the edge of a cliff and has spectacular views to the volcanic islands of the Old and New Kameni.

You can visit the church of St. George and the traditional monastery of Agios Nikolaos. It is still a traditional and picturesque settlement of island.

Within its boundaries lies the castle of Skaros, from which a path leads to the Temple of Theoskepasti is built on a rock overlooking the Caldera.

The settlement was created in the mid 16th century and took its name from the pirates who used it as a lookout during the day. East of Imerovigli, the village of Vourvoulos. In the Lower Vourvoulos is the church of Saint Panteleimon.


Kamari is one of the most popular tourist destinations at Santorini.

It is 10 km from Fira, known for its tourist infrastructure. The beach is one of the most famous of the island. He has black sand, is organized and reaches the beach of Monolithos. Around the settlement there are many hotels and apartments.

Also you will find taverns and coffee-bars along the beach. From Kamari, you can visit the archaeological site of Ancient Thira. An important attraction is the church of the Episkopis dating from the 11th century and inside you will see remarkable Byzantine frescoes and icons.

In Kamari you can find also the airport of Santorini. During summer every 10 minutes an airplane is landing here. For more information about airtickets to Santorini, you can visit Travelo – the biggest portal about travel in Greece.


The village is located on the south side of the island, next to a large Black beach and crystal clear waters of the southern Aegean.

Here you will find many hotels and studios offer comfortable accommodation on the island of Santorini. On the beach there are diving schools, cafes, tanernes, beach-bars and water sports. It is a tourist village, 14 km. southeast of Fira.

Perissa over the summer months have many tourists staying in apartments rooms hotels,and restaurants to visit to taste local foods and beach-bars, along the huge beach that reaches the beach Perivolos with many beach-bars.

The architecture of Perissa differs from the traditional villages of Santorini.From Perissa starts a small path going up the mountain and leads to the ancient Thira,it is a difficult journey.Perissa is near the village of Emporio. Near the beach stands the mountain of Prophet Elias, which protects the place from north winds.

In Perissa is the church of the Holy Cross is one of the largest churches of Santorini, situated at the beginning of Perissa. The original church was built during the period 1835-1840, but was destroyed by earthquake in 1956 and rebuilt later.


The city is the capital of Santorini. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Greece. Founded in the late 18th century. and are built with traditional architecture on the cliffs of the caldera, at a height of 300 m.

The city of Fira is the capital of Santorini, situated in the northwestern part of the island along the caldera, 11 km from New Port Athinios.

The city is also a reference point for many visitors from around the globe, with many attractions, luxury hotels, restaurants and coffee-Bars. In Fira you can find traditional tavernas, rooms and pubs.

All visitors of different ages and lifestyles enjoy together the beautiful sunset that offers the beautiful caldera of Santorini, walks to the traditional alleys and unique photographs of the landscape as the day and night so with the unexpected nightlife shops of Fira.

From the 19th century the city is the capital of Santorini. Until 1800, the village Pyrgos Kallistis, a medieval village, was the capital, close to the inner part of the island. After the conquest of the island by the Turks, the capital became at a more central part of the island, Fira.


The houses of Fira has the traditional style of Cyclades. The cobblestone streets, white houses and churches with arches and domes. The Catholic Cathedral, the convent of Dominican nuns, the Lazaristes and Fragkomahalas, is a old neighborhood built by wealthy Franks and the merchants and captains of the old times when Fira was one of the two major ports of the island of Santorini.


The Archaeological Museum in Fira, there is a large collection of pottery from the Geometric period, the 5th century BC., Banners and many Minoan, Egyptian and Chanaaika items, showing the island’s communication with other old civilizations of the Mediterranean.

In Fira, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera have many information for the geology and history of Santorini.

The Folklore Museum Fira are authentic items of the island, from old years until now.

The Cultural Centre “Megaro Gyzi” Fira was founded in 1980 on the initiative and financial support from the Catholic Diocese of Santorini. The annual Festival Hall Gyzi made in August and includes various cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and fairs.

The Bellonio Institute of brothers Luke and Evangelos Bellonia 1994. Includes conference room and library with 35,000 books, Bellonio institution whose mission is to contribute to the cultural and educational development in the island.


The older name of Oia was over hand and the Castle of Agios Nikolaos. It – along with Fira – the most picturesque villages of Greece, famous for its beautiful sunsets you can enjoy sitting in one of the many cafes.

The village of Oia (IA), located in the northern part of Santorini, on the rocks of the caldera of Santorini, the town is known for his views of the volcano and the bay, the sunset, its churches with blue domes , beautiful stairs, and the small traditional houses are located deep in the cliffs of Santorini.

Oia (Ia) is a village where many guests are accommodated in several hotels in Oia, which is built on the edge of the precipice and overlooking a beautiful sunset. Oia is the first settlement in Greece, which is characterized as Preserved  village.ia2

On a stroll through the quaint little streets of Oia, you will understand what is Santorini.At IA you will find many houses carved into the rocks of the Caldera and the Cycladic architecture.

This kind of houses can only be found in Oia and Fira cause this particular form of soil. In this area the unique beauty of the wonderful coffee-bars, traditional restaurants,little shops you will show live the famous Sunset , and unique photos that will stay forever in your memory.

Under Ia in the nearby area are two small ports, Amoudi and Armeni.There is one of the most beautiful and traditional part of the island. There are taverns in the small port of Amoudi with seafood and local wine, if you follow the path and cross the harbor you will find the little churche of St. Nikolaou.Two ports Amoudi and Armeni is known as a small beach of Oia.


The village of Karterados is about 2 km from Fira. This is a preserved village with picturesque houses, churches and newer houses.

In Karterados are beautiful hotels for your  in Santorini, a very good choice because Karterados is at the center of the island.

From the center of the village street leads to the area of Monolithos,an other village at the  east side of the island with a nice beach.


The village Pirgos of Santorini is a beautiful village built in the island’s highest point on the slope of the Prophet Elijah, (the big mountain of Santorini), and is the central village of the island from there as you can see the whole island from one end to the other, from the Akrotiri village to Oia(IA) village till retains the characteristics of the Venetian empire, with Byzantine churches, medieval mansions and Venetian Towers.

Big churches adorn the village, where old bighouses and single houses coexist harmoniously. It is just 7 km from Fira. Pirgos was the capital of Santorini until 1800.

The village became known because of the unique Easter celebration, which was introduced years ago by Local authorities.

On Good Friday, on the island made the procession of the (epitafios) and the Pirgos flanked by thousands of lights and shine the whole night. Pirgos is a place worth visiting and sit to see the most spectacular panoramic views of the island of Santorini.

From Pirgos you can visit the monastery of Prophet Elias is built on top of the hill for panoramic photos from all over the island, and Theotokaki one of the oldest churches of Santorini allegedly built in the 10th century. Also, you can see the Castelli, the old medieval fortress on the island, and enjoy the traditional café’s and restaurants.

There are also many popular villages in Santorini such as Akrotiri, Megalochori and Messaria.