The light nights are well under way now which means, if it’s going to be ready in time, it’s about time you started some serious work on your garden.
The cold, wet winter months will almost certainly have taken their toll on what was a lush, green lawn with beautiful, bright borders. There’s no need to worry though, because you can get it back to the garden you love in no time at all, if you start now.

We’ve already had some lovely weather so if you haven’t managed to get out in the garden yet, shame on you. Seriously though, it’s time to get those green fingers dirty because, if you’re not careful, it’ll be too late and summer will have been and gone.
The first thing to tackle is definitely your lawn. If it’s got a bit unruly over the winter then bring the mower out of storage and give it a good trim. You should also consider neatening up the edges and tidying up your borders.

Start by weeding out anything unwanted that’s made a home in your flowerbeds over the winter. Once you’ve done that it’s time to freshen up with a bit of colour. Perennials are a great way to ensure you have beautiful plants growing year after year and any gaps can be filled with summer bedding plants which will add a dash of instant colour.
Garden sheds are often dismissed and even considered slightly unsightly. However, they could actually really enhance your garden.

Wooden Playhouses

wooden shed

Summer Lovin

The obvious use for a shed is as a storage area. Garden furniture, bikes and barbeques all need to be stored somewhere dry over the winter to protect them from the elements. Before you start thinking about anything else, you should check the condition of your shed’s contents, as well as the shed itself. If your patio set, barbeque or the kid’s bikes need replacing after the harsh winter, then now’s the time to do it. The same goes for your shed; summer isn’t quite here which means there’s still a chance of getting some great deals on these summer essentials. If you’ve never had a shed before then you’re in for a treat because, although it might seem like they’re only good for storing garden tools and furniture throughout the winter months. There are actually many more possibilities.

First on the list, a man cave. Ever dreamt of a room in the house that’s all your own, with your Xbox, PlayStation and your miniature basketball hoop all in one place? Sometimes it’s just not possible to have this space in the house, but a shed can be so much more than your typical bike store.
Fit it with a supply of electricity, a few bean bags and a fridge with all your favourite snacks and beers and you’re away. This is a place you can use to escape the stresses of everyday life but still enjoy the lovely summer weather – or not so lovely as the case may be.

Fed up of the kids running wild under your feet when they can’t go out because of the rain? A shed could change all that – no, really!
Fix up a shed with their favourite board games, a few snacks and some comfy chairs. Then consider adding an electrical supply and a small TV and you’re guaranteed peace and quiet for hours.
Finally – this option is definitely the best for the working adult – a bar, your shed could be your local. Perfect stumbling distance away from your back door, a great place to hang out with your closest friends, and a cheap place to enjoy your favourite ale! What could be better?

So, you see, a shed no longer has to be an unsightly addition to your garden that’s used for nothing more than winter storage, it can be pretty much anything you want it to be.