Another busy holiday season is fast approaching. This year many of us are seeking ways to bring decadence and elegance to all our holiday celebrations with family and friends. For some of us this will be the first time we have seen family and friends in several years. How can we make sure that every holiday event that we attend has that little bit of extra sparkle? What can we do to make sure that this holiday season is as special and magical as we hope it will be? For many of us creating an elegant event can come down to the gifts we give to our guests. There are many gifts we can give that will surprise and delight our guests this holiday season.

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Luxury Holiday Sweets

It does not matter what type of holiday event we are hosting; everyone enjoys a wide selection of fancy desserts. These could include dainty beignets with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar and dollop whipped cream or mini fruit cheesecakes with various toppings. For many of us when we are thinking about fancy desserts, we think about rich gourmet chocolate creations that melt in our mouths. This fascination with chocolate has deep roots and goes back to the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations. They created a dedicant hot chocolate recipe with chili, vanilla and cinnamon that was served by the wealthy, royals, and nobility. This means when we choose the right gourmet chocolate creations, we will leave our guests feeling like royalty.

Fancy chocolates can come in many different shapes and sizes and might include gourmet truffles, toffee, or even caramels. Sweet treats can also be made into showstoppers which will be the highlight of any holiday party. Some of us might choose to have a sweet centerpiece such as a chocolate fountain or a holiday sculpture made from various sweets to wow our guests. Fancy sweets can be eaten throughout the night and packaged in fancy boxes to be handed out at the end of the event. Gourmet chocolates are sure to make a great impression on all our guests.

Luxury Holiday Party Favors

In addition to having holiday sweets at our party we might choose to have luxury party favors to give out. Party favors can include both food and drink. Both hosts and guests love to take home a bottle of wine or a nicely packaged box of sweet treats. While in other cases we might choose to hand out a fancy kit that creates a whole mouthwatering experience such as providing everything that is needed to make gourmet peppermint s’mores at home. These types of favors can really brighten up our guests’ days.

Party favors are not limited to food or drink options. For example some of us might choose to create fancy holiday ornaments to share with our guests such as agate slice ornaments or French macaron ornaments. Such elegant items will bring a little holiday spirit to all our guests’ homes. In addition, if we engrave such items with the year, they can provide a permanent reminder of our holiday event. It is always lovely to be able to look back at all the good times we have had with friends and family over the years.

Luxury Holiday Subscription Boxes

If we are having an intimate event with only a few close friends or family members we might consider a bigger gift such as giving a subscription box. No matter what our guests’ interests are, there are fancy holiday subscription boxes which are a good fit. We can find elegant boxes that cover everything from single source coffee, to specially wine, to cocktails or mocktails, to vinyl records or books. These types of gift boxes are the gift that keeps giving and will regularly remind our guests of our love.

It is amazing how decadent chocolate, or an engraved ornament can really make our event have that extra level of elegance. Gifts can come in small or large packages but what is important is making our guests feel like they are loved and appreciated. In the end if we take time to think about what our guests might enjoy, we all can create a magical event.