Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage in Order - organize, garage, drawers, clutter, cabinets

Garages are often the most cluttered space in a home. This can be especially true for people who have lots of hobbies or collect things, but it’s not just hobbyists that find themselves with messy garages. Some people keep their cars, bikes, and even boats in the garage so when they open up the door, everything spills out onto them before they get to what they need. For anyone struggling to stay on top of clutter in their garage, here are some easy ways to help you organize your space and maintain order.

1. How to start organizing your garage

When you’re working to organize your garage, start by removing anything that isn’t useful. This includes old holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, unused gadgets, and other items you don’t need. For items that are worth keeping, make sure they are in clear containers with labels so it’s easy to find when you need them. The next step is to start moving things around. You can do this through trial and error or by looking for patterns in how clutter builds up in your garage over time. For example, if you see that many of the things cluttering up your space are tools but no place to put them then consider setting aside a space in the corner of the garage where you can set up shelves or small tool cabinets. Once you’ve cleared your garage, it’s important to maintain order so that things don’t get messy again. To do this, clear the floor and put shelves and cabinets away when they’re not in use. Keeping them accessible will make it easier for you to remain organized, and improved garage storage will help you avoid accidents like tripping over a bike or hitting your head on a shelf. With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to a clean and organized garage!

2. Keep the floor clear

One of the most important steps in organizing a garage is making sure that you clear the floor. This prevents clutter from building up and makes it easier to find things when you need them. Clear off the floor by removing any toys, outdoor equipment, or other items that don’t need to be there. For anything you want to keep, make sure they are in clear containers with labels so they’re easy to find when you need them.

3. Organize your tools

When your garage is cluttered, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for when you need it. Tools are just one example of the type of clutter that often builds up in garages. If your garage is full of tools but there’s nowhere to put them, consider setting aside a space in the corner of the garage where you can set up shelves or small tool cabinets. This will help keep your tools off the floor and safe from water or pests while also keeping them organized so they are easy to find when you need them.

4. Set up a schedule for tidying and store your bikes on wall-mounted hooks

It can be hard to keep your garage tidy all the time, especially if you’re busy or don’t mind a little mess. To help stay on top of clutter, consider setting up a schedule where you spend some time each week tidying up. This could be a good time to do a full clean of the garage in addition to clearing off the floor. If you have a bicycle, it’s important to keep it safe from water and pests. To do this, find a way to store your bicycle that is off the floor. This can include storing them in a rack or hooks that are mounted to the wall. Make sure that the racks or hooks are strong enough for the weight of your bike and that they don’t damage the wall when you secure them.

5. Get rid of clutter in drawers and cabinets

Drawers and cabinets can gather a lot of extra items over time, even if you only set something down in there to get it out of the way. To avoid getting rid of an item only to need it later, get in the habit of checking your drawers and cabinets before you throw anything away. You might want to start this by taking out all the items in the drawer or cabinet and sorting them into three piles, items you use regularly, items you don’t know if you’ll use but might be useful, and items you won’t ever need. Then take out all the things you don’t think you need and donate or recycle them!

6. Hang up anything you can

One way that you can utilize the space in your garage is by hanging items from the wall. This prevents them from getting lost in a mess and provides easy access if you need to find something quickly. You can hang tools and equipment with hooks and brackets that are mounted to the wall or buy shelves for storing things like bikes or sports gear. You’ll need hooks or wall-mounted racks for this, but it will help keep the floor clear and allow you to get at your items more easily when you need them.

7. Store extra items in cabinets or on shelves

There’s no reason to keep things like paint, oil, and gasoline sitting on the floor of your garage with other clutter. You can store these items away safely for the next time you need them by putting together some simple storage containers. To start, look around your house for empty plastic containers, like milk jugs and laundry detergent containers. These will help you store paint and other liquids more safely than if they’re just sitting out in an open box. You can also find plastic storage containers with lids for larger items, like screws or nails.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage in Order - organize, garage, drawers, clutter, cabinets

Garages can be a mess with tools, bikes, and sometimes cars or boats. Clutter is not only an eyesore but it also poses safety risks to you and your family if accidents happen in the garage because of clutter near power outlets and other hazards. The steps we’ve outlined for keeping your garage tidy should help keep things safe while making the space more aesthetically pleasing as well!