Well, that didn’t take long. After only a few weeks of finding out that you were pregnant, your wardrobe no longer fits. Your shirts are snug, your pants won’t fasten, and at this point, you’re ready to throw in the towel and wear sweatpants until you give birth. Although wearing loose-fitting clothes and pajamas for the next few months is tempting, you still work and have an active social life. So, something has to give. You’re just not sure how to be comfortable without compromising style.

Luckily, there are reasonable solutions to your problem. Today’s expectant mothers find creative ways to rock the latest styles while maintaining comfort for their growing bodies. Below is a style guide to assist you in figuring out how to put together trendy yet comfortable outfits throughout your pregnancy.

Dressing For Comfort: The Expectant Mother’s Style Guide - women, style, mother, clothes

Maternity Fashions

Before you start thinking about moo moos, mom jeans, and A-line shirts, maternity fashions have come a long way over the past few decades. Brands have gone to great lengths to ensure that expectant mothers can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. You’ll find some of today’s hottest trends available in maternity sizes.

Whether you’re looking for leggings and novelty t-shirts or dresses and professional attire, you’ll find something to fit comfortably and compliment your style. The clothes are made from all-natural breathable fabrics, have extra stretch and padding for support, and can be worn from just a few weeks until your delivery date.

Larger or Plus-Size Clothes

If maternity fashion isn’t your thing or it’s too expensive, you can always opt to purchase larger sizes or plus-size clothes instead. That way, you can continue to shop at your favorite retailers. Going this route also ensures you have fashionable things to wear after you’ve had the baby.

As your body can take time to get back to post-baby weight, you’ll still need comfortable clothes. Wearing maternity clothes designed to fit your growing belly may not be as comfortable when your stomach starts to go down, but having some larger or plus-sized options on hand will suffice.

Sneakers And Flats

There will come a time during your pregnancy where rocking your favorite pair of heels is painful, especially if you’re feet tend to swell. Even if you’re able to wear heels, it won’t be long before you start experiencing back pain from carrying around the extra weight. It’s time to retire the heels for a while and switch to more comfortable shoes.

Replace those high-heels with a few pairs of women’s sneakers or flat shoes. These shoe types are immersed in just about every fashion category and look fabulous no matter your plans for the day. You can wear a pair of ballet flats or sandals to the office that comes in various colors and styles to match your outfits. When you’re off the clock, a pair of sneakers make a bold statement when you step out.

Accessories Add Personality

Maternity clothes, sneakers, and flats create comfortable, supportive, yet trendy outfits for expectant mothers, but how do you personalize your style? You add accessories, of course. The right accessories can make all the difference in an outfit and help you stand out as the fashionista you are.

You can layer a few necklaces, put on a pair of earrings, and wear bangles to accent your outfit for the day. If that’s not enough, shop around for a unique bag or purse for a pop of color and a ton of character. Finally, wearing hats, hair accessories, and shades helps finish your look.

As you shop for accessories, remember to incorporate your personality. Don’t be afraid to get something made with a bold print, vibrant color, or eclectic theme, as this is how you enhance your style and separate yourself from the pack.

It’s crazy how quickly your body begins to change after conceiving a child. When it comes to clothing, it gets really uncomfortable for expectant mothers. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. As you begin to outgrow your old wardrobe, consider the style tips listed above to create outfits that give you support without compromising your extraordinary tastes.