Do you remember what influenced your choice of sportswear as a child? If you were like most children, you were influenced by the color of the clothing or the graphics displayed on them. Every child knows that red goes faster, so obviously red clothing will make you more fit, right? If only it was that easy.

As any athlete knows, finding fitness wear that fits you well and gives you the confidence and the freedom needed to excel in your sport is challenging. You need something that makes you look good and makes you feel good. If your clothing makes you feel good, you are more likely to go to the gym and get the results that you want. Think about it, if your fitness clothing makes you feel uncomfortable, it is going to be one more thing that keeps you from getting up and going to the gym. When you feel confident in what you wear, you feel motivated and inclined to start moving and to keep moving.

Athletic Apparel and Improved Performance

Does Clothing Affect How You Play Sports? - workout, swimsuits, sports, recovery, protection, professional, performance, exercise, Clothing

In 2010, polyurethane swimsuits were banned for top professional athletes. Because of their aerodynamic flow in water, it was felt that they gave swimmers who wore them an unfair advantage. Thankfully, the majority of us are not competitive swimmers. So wearing polyurethane swimsuits may give you the boost you need as you go through your weekly swim practices.

Most men will throw on a pair of basketball shorts or a pair of swimming trunks when they go swimming. What they don’t realize is that the pockets create drag that will slow them down. Using the right swimwear will make a difference in your speed and your form.

Does Clothing Affect How You Play Sports? - workout, swimsuits, sports, recovery, protection, professional, performance, exercise, Clothing

This does not just apply to swimming. Maybe you want something more practical like a shirt that keeps the sweat off of your body when you play soccer or go for a jog. Clothing of this sort keeps the moisture off of your body, so your jog is more comfortable and you are able to stay out there longer.

If you just wear a normal t-shirt, it’s not designed to be breathable. It’s going to prevent your body from releasing heat. You can compare that to driving a vehicle with a radiator that is not working. You are quickly going to feel discomfort, and your exercise time will be cut in half.

If you get a workout shirt that’s all cotton, it’s just going to absorb the sweat and keep it close to your body. It’s going to affect your skin, it will make you irritated, and it is going to minimize your effectiveness.

Proper Athletic Apparel Prevents Injuries and Adds Protection

A women’s BJJ rash guard can make the difference between having a sweaty experience on the mat and having an experience that is more enjoyable. The same goes with other sports equipment. Using equipment that is not properly fitted or that is not properly designed for the exercise you’re going to do or the sport you’re going to play will interfere with your workout routine.

There are avid runners who go out running in Minnesota when the temperatures are 30 degrees below zero. The only way that they can do it safely is if they have the proper sports apparel to cover their head, protect their face, protect their hands, and protect their legs while at the same time giving them the freedom that they need to get the most out of their run.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are individuals who run in Central America where temperatures stay in the high 90’s. They also need to protect their face from the sun. Having proper running gear allows them to run without applying tons of sunscreen that can clog up their pores and eventually damage their skin.

Weightlifters use gloves when working out at the gym. They want to protect their hands so that they do not develop calluses. Wearing the right size shoes prevents cramps, blisters, and slipping. If you have weak ankles, using hightops can protect you when you are jumping or running. If you have low arches, orthotic inserts can help you when you’re making running or jumping movements.

Wearing the Right Athletic Gear Can Improve Recovery after Exercise

There have been a number of studies that show the benefit of using compression clothing after exercise. A study that was conducted in 2013 showed that compression clothing helped athletes when it came to recovery as well as performance.

The massaging effect of the compression garments encourages blood flow. When your blood flow is increased, your body is able to remove lactic acid that is produced as you exercise. Your recovery after exercise is boosted and your muscles are not as sore or as stiff as they would’ve been otherwise. The pressure that is applied to your muscles by compression garments can minimize soreness and inflammation. This is especially important after playing an intense game.

The Mental Effect of Having the Right Workout Gear

There is a symbolic meaning that people attach to certain types of clothing. If you use active wear, such as gym shorts, running shorts, or tennis shoes, your mind can trick you into wanting to be more active.

Does Clothing Affect How You Play Sports? - workout, swimsuits, sports, recovery, protection, professional, performance, exercise, Clothing

Are you looking for a confidence boost that gets you out and running in the morning or that helps you get to the gym? Take the time to find an exercise outfit that really puts you in the mindset of wanting to work out. Having a large range of fun and comfortable athletic wear at your disposal will make you feel better about yourself and feel better about your body. It will give you the extra push that you need to make the changes in your fitness routine that you’ve been wanting to make for some time.

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