If you are wondering what to do about spotted lanternflies, then this article is for you. They pose a serious threat to the environment and your home, but there are some simple solutions that can help get rid of them. This article will teach you how to identify lanternflies, find their hiding spots in your home, and give some helpful tips on how to keep them under control so they don’t infest your entire house!

Seal all cracks and openings in your home with caulk

Sealing all the cracks in your home is one of the best ways to get rid of spotted lanternflies. They are attracted to light-colored objects, so when they fly into cracks in your house or other structures on which foamy white sap has been spotted it means that this insect may start nesting there. They are also attracted to the scent of fermenting fruit, which is another reason why your home may be spotted with its white foamy sap.

Do You Have A Spotted Lanternfly Problem? Here Are A Few Solutions - problem, lanternfly, host plant

Find their hiding spots

There can be several spotted lanternfly hiding spots, like tree bark and under rocks. If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of spotted lanternflies, you should know that this is the first step. Once spotted lanternflies are located in these areas, finding the exact location will make it easier to destroy them with pesticides or other treatments which can be found at your local hardware store. ##Keep your windows closed when possible.

Here is a list of hiding spots:

  • under tree bark
  • in crevices of rocks and stones
  • inside rolled leaves, such as those from a rhododendron
  • in the folds of grapevines
  • under leaves and needles on conifer trees, such as spruce or pine.

Make sure you are not leaving any outside lights on at night

Spotted lanternflies are attracted to outside lights, so make sure you are not leaving any outside lights on at night. This will help the insects remain away from your home. Also, make sure not to leave your windows open at night if there’s a light on because they’ll have an easier time coming inside your home!

Use alcohol to get rid of them

Alcohol can help out a lot in spotted lanternfly eradication. The spotted lanternflies are attracted to fermenting fruit, so if you have an alcohol solution out in your yard they will be drawn toward it and die.

You can stop the spotted lanternflies from laying eggs by spraying them with a 70% or higher isopropyl rubbing alcohol solution. This also may help to reduce spotted lanternfly populations and prevent spotted lanternflies from spreading. Also, you can kill spotted lanternflies by pouring rubbing alcohol directly on them.

Inspect anything made of wood before bringing it in

Checking out every wooden object or another host plant that you bring into the house is crucial to spotted lanternfly control. Spotted lanternflies can be found in Pennsylvania and surrounding states, so anything that could have come from there should be thoroughly inspected before being brought inside. They also enjoy wood products such as crates and pallets, which means those items need to pass inspection as well.

In addition to checking wood products, spotted lanternflies are likely to hide inside furniture that is being moved into the house.

Do You Have A Spotted Lanternfly Problem? Here Are A Few Solutions - problem, lanternfly, host plant

Spotted lanternflies can be annoying pests so preventing them from entering by sealing cracks, turning off lights, shutting windows, and inspecting wooden objects is crucial. Knowing their hiding spots is the best way to trap them and using alcohol can kill them fast. Good luck solving this pest problem!