Shower curtains are an often ignored addition in the bathroom and yet they make a big visual impact and can completely alter the ambiance of the space. Instead of splurging on a brand new shower curtain that you would fall out of love with in no time, a homemade alternative surely is much more sensible and cost-effective. Changing your shower curtain just might be one of the fastest ways to spruce up your bathroom. But finding one in a fabric to match your décor can be tough which is why we like to make my own shower curtains. That’s how we fell down an Internet black hole of DIY shower curtain tutorials! We’re happy to report that there are plenty of awesome instructions and totally unique ideas out there that will help you jazz up your bathroom in a really fun way.

Add Decorative Trim for a More Luxurious Shower Curtain

Embroider a Design on a Blank Shower Curtain

Pick Out Your Favorite Fabric and Add Grommets

diy shower curtain with teal swirl pattern and grommets


Shower Curtain with Grommets Tutorial from Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Convert a Flat Sheet into a Ruffled Curtain

Paint on Bright Horizontal Stripes

Lengthen a Shower Curtain With Macrame

Create Ruffles Using Fabric Remnants

Sew on a Swiss Cross or Other Emblem

Stencil a Pattern on a Drop Cloth Shower Curtain

Combine Ruffles and Lace for a Shabby Chic Look