Become a DIY and grill master when you build the ultimate outdoor kitchen—with a concrete counter, built-in cutting board, and storage. Having an outdoor kitchen can be a real treat, especially during summer. Designing and building one is not even that difficult. Outdoor cooking is one of the great ways to enjoy the outdoors. Everyone would want to have a beautiful outdoor kitchen with a fancy counter top and powerful grills and ovens, but usually they come at a high price.  A DIY outdoor kitchen is the perfect thing for such an occasion. The kitchen has been demolished. Where do we cook now? Outside, of course. Here’s a look at our DIY outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Deck Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Deck Kitchen

Stone Covered Grill Island

DIY Stone Covered Grill Island

Kitchen Bar With Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Bar With Pergola

Kitchen With Concrete Countertops

DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Countertops

Steel Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Concrete And Corrugated Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Wood And Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Upcycled Wood And Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

DIY Poured Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Grilling Island

Simple DIY Outdoor Grilling Island

Cabinet Outdoor Kitchen

Repurposed Cabinet Outdoor Kitchen

Portable Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Tiled Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Tiled Outdoor Kitchen

 Food Fired Pizza Oven

DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Food Fired Pizza Oven