Wooden Toys are great for kids of all ages, and can spark imaginations. Here we present you Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself. Be the most awesome parent ever, and keep them occupied. his is a fun project to do with a child, teaching them about measurement along the way, or to give as a gift to round out a collection with a unique piece.

Toy Camera

DIY Wooden Toy Camera

Cap Gun And Target

DIY Wooden Cap Gun And Target

Dollhouse In A Box

Dollhouse In A Box

Mirror Blocks

Wooden Mirror Blocks


DIY Oversized Tic-Tac-Toe

Pizza Puzzle

Handmade Wooden Pizza Puzzle

Building Blocks

Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks

Baby Rocking Toy

DIY Wooden Baby Rocking Toy

Story Cubes

DIY Wooden Story Cubes

Texture Blocks

Handmade Wooden Texture Blocks



Nature Blocks

Cheap And Easy DIY Nature Blocks

Wooden Vehicles

Handmade Wooden Vehicles

Wood Burned Blocks

DIY Wood Burned Blocks

Wooden Racetrack

Easy DIY Wooden Racetrack

Wooden Name Puzzle

DIY Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

Teethers And Rattles

DIY Wooden Teethers And Rattles