Everyone loves to look at the colorful artwork that kids create. If you’re like most parents, your kid makes the best artwork the world has ever seen. Here’s how to transform those masterpieces into gifts.

A 3D Print Of Your Child’s Art


White Clouds 3D printed drawings can make a 3D sculpture out of a 2D drawing. It’s a little pricey at $60, but it’s an amazing gift that no one else will be able to beat. However, there are a lot of cheaper options which are still going to be well worth looking into if you want to try this, and the truth is that the world of art printing is only growing and growing.

An Art Collage


Take photos of your child’s best work, and even include your child in the photos. Make a collage using photoshop and hang it on the wall for inspiration or just as a statement piece. You could also give it away to someone else.

Greeting Cards


Make greeting cards out of your kid’s drawings. This one is classic, and yet timeless. If you’re out of ink, you may need to find a Canon ink cartridge online or buy from a bulk supplier near you.

The most common (and best) size for greeting cards is the 4.25”x5.5” size. Why? Because, unfolded, these sized cards will take up half a normal 8”x11” sheet of paper. That means, you can buy cardstock that fits most home printers and get two cards on a sheet instead of just one.

And, envelopes for this size are really easy to find.



When you were a kid, didn’t you ever wish one of your drawings could come to life? Of course you did. Well, your child’s drawings can take on a life of their own.

Budsies is a company that can take any drawing and turn it into a plush, stuffed animal. Bring their imagination to life, and they’ll think you have magical powers. One of the coolest things about this service is the variety and depth with which you can replicate photos and drawings. It really does look like a stuffed animal version of whatever your child put down on paper. And, unlike stuffed animals you buy at the store, this one has inherent value and sentimentality built right into it.

Not that you need a reason to be loved, but this will take your parenting “win” to a whole new level.

Make A Keychain

Dogtag hands and feet

A cool company called Kidz Can Design will turn your child’s best drawing into a neato keychain. Give it away, or use it yourself to remind you of how cool your family is.

Make A Pillow

Carley Kahn Custom Art Pillows aren’t something you normally see – take your child’s drawing and turn it into a pillow. Watch your child’s jaw drop. This is one of the more expensive gifts on the list, coming in at a shade under $100. But, on the plus side, they are couch pillows that everyone can use.


Make Wrapping Paper

This is one of the most unique ideas of all. Giftskins Wrapping Paper makes wrapping paper out of your child’s artistic designs. Now, everyone can receive gift-wrapping that is made of your child’s drawings. Cool, right?

There are so many other things you can do with your child’s artwork besides letting it sit there on the refrigerator door. Get creative. Have fun. Share it with others.


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