declutterYou can live your life surrounded by a plethora of stuff and clutter, or you can draw inspiration from the more organised people in your life and start to manage your mess and home one step at a time. If you’re tearing your hair out wondering why you’re constantly cleaning then perhaps you need to read this list and get a head start on the New Year with some new home resolutions.

1. You can make sure that sheet sets are stored nice and neatly by folding both the fitted and the flat sheets together, along with one of the pillowcases, into a square shape (altogether) and then placing the folded materials into the other pillowcase to fill half of it! Then it’s just a matter of folding the pillowcase over. You’ll never be stuck looking for a set of sheets again, and you’ll know exactly where you’re going to look for your sheet sets!

2. If you have a lot of wiring going on in a certain area, then it makes sense to label appliances and other plugs at the actual outlet. That way you’re going to know which is which before you unplug it.

3. Multi-use items are the best. Take a shoe rack or clothes holder that has been designed to store over the back of doors, and use it to store things like chargers, handbags or anything else that you would usually have in cupboards or spaces like that.

4. You know that cutlery divider that you’ve got spare? It works just as well as a makeup storage tray for the bathroom, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to find your mascara with a compartment for everything!

5. If you have one of those old toast racks you can use it to hold mail and bills. It’s a pretty cute way to keep things organised in a share house or in the home.

6. Always thinking about taking clothes to a charity store but never get around to it? Save yourself the trouble and whenever you find something you no longer want, take it to the car and put it in the boot. If you keep a plastic bag in the boot you can fill it up and then once it’s full simply drop it in a charity bin.

7. Keep your Christmas lights neat and tidy by storing them wrapped around an old Christmas wrapping paper tube. The cardboard roll makes the perfect storage size, and you simply need to tuck each end into the tube before wrapping tightly.

8. If you have a drawer that is full to bursting with takeaway menus, warranties and other bits and pieces of paper, you can save yourself the hassle of looking and create a ring-binder that stores everything in the one spot. Take it a step further and alphabetise it for extra organisation!

9. If you’re forever going to the store and forgetting something, hang a pad and pen on the inside of your pantry. That way when you run out of something you can simply add it to the list. When you go shopping just tear off the front page and get everything you need in one fell swoop.

10. If you’re always spending too much time organizing your kids’ laundry and struggling to find wardrobe solutions, then get different coloured washing baskets for each, and save yourself one more job.

11. To stop leftovers and other small bits and pieces going off in the fridge, make yourself a leftovers section and ensure that if anyone wants a snack that they go there first!

You can have the most organised life if you just take a bit of time to put some systems in place, and then you’re going to have more time too spend on the things you love. It’s worth it!