Breakfast becomes an occasion when you make waffles. Check out these top waffle recipes—then add fruit, syrup, or powdered sugar. For a special weekend breakfast treat, there’s nothing like freshly made, steaming hot waffles doused in syrup. We have everything from healthy whole-wheat waffles to fruit-topped breakfast stacks. There is something for everyone. Take a look through and pick a few to try — I guarantee you will love them!

Cinnamon rolls in waffle iron from  Little Bit Funky

Cinnamon rolls in waffle iron | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Crisp, Flavorful Golden Waffles from Fifteen Spatulas

Crisp, Flavorful Golden Waffles | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Dark Chocolate Waffles from  Bon Appetit

Dark Chocolate Waffles | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Frittaffle- Frittata + Waffle
 from Real Food by Dad

Frittaffle- Frittata + Waffle | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwiches from Foodie Crush

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwiches | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Pizza Waffles from  Pillsbury

Pizza Waffles | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Pumpkin Waffle from  No. 2 Pencil

Pumpkin Waffle | 25+ Waffle Recipes

 Snickerdoodle waffles from  Lil’ Luna

Snickerdoodle waffles | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Vanilla Waffles from My Life of Travels and Adventures

Vanilla Waffles | 25+ Waffle Recipes

 Waffle Brownies from Tea & Cookies

Waffle Brownies | 25+ Waffle Recipes

Waffle Mini Doughnuts from  The Kitchen Magpie

Waffle Mini Doughnuts | 25+ Waffle Recipes

 Waffled Mashed Potatoes with bacon, scallion, and cheddar from Serious Eats

Waffled Mashed Potatoes with bacon, scallion, and cheddar | 25+ Waffle Recipes