While high-quality pricey diamonds continued to dominate the galleries, a formerly shunted variety is on the rise. These are clarity enhanced diamonds. They were dismissed and rejected without a forethought before, but that’s fast changing with time.

With affordability become a first priority for so many buyers, these diamonds are garnering more attention now than ever. These diamonds indulge buyers’ ask for decent diamonds with reasonable price tags. These diamonds, for the first time, brings to offer the opportunity to buy a sizeable diamond without breaking bank.

Here’s something to give you a little perspective. If you go for a clarity enhanced diamond from color grade I and Clarity SI1, a 1 carat stone could be all yours at just $1300 at Diamonds USA.

With the market flooded with bright and shiny high priced diamonds, there also exists a variety of the gems embracing some visible imperfections. These are often faced with downright rejection.

GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) take Clarity Enhanced Diamonds as one of the many Diamond Treatments.

Everyone looks now for a bright & big diamond but for a reasonable price that will not leave their bank accounts empty, even when looking for a 1 carat diamond if it is a Clarity Enhanced diamond at Diamonds-USA it will be $1300 only for a beauty 1 carat I color SI1 Clarity Enhanced.

These imperfect diamonds have a clarity grade of I1 or I2. Because of the imperfections they carry, they end up being the “unwanted” pieces despite the notion of diamonds being women’s best friend. This is when jewelers treat these diamonds so that these imperfections are no more visible to the eye. Such diamonds are called the “Clarity Enhanced Diamonds”. You can understand this treatment with the example of a cracked windshield: rather than changing the windshield altogether, an expert repairman will fill the crack with resin. The diamonds treated in this way are also called “fracture filled” diamonds. Once the imperfection is treated, it becomes invisible to the naked eyes.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds In The Pandemic Era, The Cheap, Yet Magnificent Diamonds. - diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds, before the enhancement and after the enhancement

How To Identify an Enhanced Diamond?

If a diamond is treated for imperfections, it is something that the jeweler must disclose to you before the sale. If the deal feels like too good to be true, make sure you ask the jeweler whether the diamond in question is treated for any imperfections. Several jewelers do not disclose this information easily. While there would be no lab reports issued from “GIA” when it comes to clarity enhanced diamonds, you can get the lab reports issued from EGL, IGL, CGL and few others. In case an I2 diamond is enhanced to SI2 after treatment, you’ll get an SI2 certificate with a footnote mentioning that the diamond has been enhanced.

How Will the Jeweler know if a Diamond is “Enhanced”?

This is a very important factor as many jewelers have purchased these diamonds unaware of the fact that they were actually enhanced. So it would be easy to guess that majority of customers would also not know about the same. The optimum method to identify a “fracture filled” diamond is to observe it under a gemological microscope. The filling usually renders a dim or very prominent neon hue to the stone, which either goes unnoticed or gets mistaken as the spectral colors when observed face up. On the other hand, when the diamond is observed face down under the gemological microscope, these neon colors stand out prominently.

Are these Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Suitable for Engagement Rings?

The question at hand is purely circumstantial. There are many customers who buy these enhanced diamonds and are “very” satisfied with their purchase. The customers who are not happy with their purchase are mostly those who were not informed about the diamond they bought being “enhanced”. There are a lot of jewelers and dealers who do not like these “clarity enhanced” diamonds. The reason is as simple as it comes, the technology to treat these diamonds has enabled consumers to buy these less costly and fine looking diamonds (bearing in mind the other 3C’s are excellent). These enhanced diamonds have marred the business of their more expensive and luxurious counterparts.

At Diamonds-USA you get a lifetime guarantee for the Enhancement process, if the enhancement fades away, no matter the reason for it, they will re enhance it free of any charge.

If you are a guy who wants to propose your girl with a ring that holds a good size rock, but don’t have nowadays budget to buy an expensive diamond, a clarity enhanced diamond would be a great suggestion. However, if you can afford an expensive one, you may have a much bigger diamond for your budget. In case you are looking for diamond earrings or studs, these enhanced diamonds offer customers to grab noticeably bigger diamonds for same price.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds In The Pandemic Era, The Cheap, Yet Magnificent Diamonds. - diamonds

2.07 Princess diamond F color, VS1 Clarity Enhanced Diamond,
image: Diamonds-USA