Want to replace your old doors with stunning new patio doors to boost your house’s energy efficiency and overall look? Awesome. But as with any other product, homeowners might face many common pitfalls when picking new patio doors. Eager to know how to make the right pick?

Then take a look at our brand new material we have prepared for you together with patio doors experts from Ecoline Windows.

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New Patio Doors: It Is All About Style

Just like with windows or entry doors, there are plenty of styles to consider when choosing new patio units. However, the most common and traditional ones among homeowners are Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors. Both are great and frequently installed to increase house appeal, but still, you have to know the difference when buying any of these two.

Sliding Patio Door

These units run along the track and are usually installed in modern houses to bring in some extra high-tech aesthetics.


  • The huge glass area allows for fabulous unobstructed views
  • Ease of operation
  • Do not occupy the extra space in the room since they are horizontally oriented
  • Less expensive (in comparison to French Doors)
  • Optimal energy efficiency

French Doors

Want to bring some traditional feeling to your home? Then French Doors might be your best bet. They operate just like usual doors but look terrific, especially if equipped with etched glass, for example.


  • Super traditional and classy look
  • Elegant handles
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Highest energy efficiency

Choosing the right style boils down to your personal preferences and budget. If you want to add some classy look to your house – go with the French doors; if you are after something more modern – Sliding patio doors might perform better.

Frame Material

When choosing new patio doors, it is super important to think about the frame material you will be using. You have plenty of choices here – Vinyl, Aluminum, Fibreglass, Composite, etc. But generally speaking, the most trendy one is Vinyl since most homeowners prefer it over other materials. Curious why? Here are the number of reasons:

  • Vinyl does not scratch or tend to moisture, making it highly weather-resistant
  • Vinyl does not require frequent maintenance, for example, painting, unlike wood frames
  • Vinyl is durable and super energy efficient
  • Vinyl is cost-effective

Energy Efficiency is Key

While there are many points to discuss when it comes to patio doors energy efficiency, the main rule here is to choose the units with the Energy Star label. This ensures your new doors will serve you for many years, helping cut down on energy bills and bringing comfort despite any season issues.

If you live in an area with harsh climate changes, picking triple-pane glass for your patio doors might make sense. Yes, it might be 15% more expensive than double-pane glazing, but the performance is usually up to 50% better during cold periods.

Make Sure to Get the Correct Installation

You probably know that new doors are as good as their installation. If installed poorly, even the best units will go out of service in a couple of years (or even months!). Thus, the key point here is to deal with reliable doors installation experts who will ensure you get the correct installation of your new units. Before signing the contract with your local suppliers, make sure they:

  • Follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code when installing the doors
  • Offer only Energy Star-rated products
  • Consult you on everything in detail regarding your project (correct door style, right measures, best hardware, and glazing)
  • Have relevant experience and skillful in-house installers with many positive reviews on HomeStars, Yelp, or BBB

The Final Thoughts

Getting new patio doors might be challenging if you are doing this for the first time. Still, if you keep in mind the tips provided in this post, you are likely to purchase and install the units that will match your home design, bring comfort and boost energy efficiency. Good luck!