Vehicle owners should create a maintenance schedule as soon as they pull out of the dealership parking lot. Your car is a performance machine and needs to be cared for. Preventing the need for maintenance repairs is far more affordable than having to pay for repairs. Staying on top of maintenance and routine servicing makes your car reliable, safe to drive, and more enjoyable to drive. Below are some of the things that you should know when it comes to car maintenance.

Read the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual for your car is full of useful information and tips when it comes to scheduled services. The owner’s manual tells you how to do basic maintenance on your car correctly. Car manufacturers recommend servicing to help keep your car performing at its best.

Besides the owner’s manual, there are many sources that can help you get the needed information quickly. You can get information from consumer reports or car guides, like Auto blog or CarsGuide which can give you general data about your vehicle. If you want specific details such as how the engine works, and what tires are good for your vehicle you can go to Rerev website, which can assist you to get detailed information about your car’s handling and operation.


Learn the basics of quality auto service

When it comes to service, you can get scheduled servicing through your car dealer. This ensures that genuine parts go into your car, and dealers keep a record of your car’s service history. Taking your car to a reputable car repair shop is often cheaper than going to the dealer. However, your warranty could be affected if there is a car failure resulting from repairs from an independent servicer. You will need to verify if your independent servicer uses genuine factory parts or aftermarket components.

Sinspeed is the leading remanufacturer of automotive parts providing vehicle owners with an affordable alternative to expensive OEM replacement parts. The expert technicians at Sinspeed are DPF removal specialists and can repair intricate ABS pumps, turbo, electronic ignition switches, throttle bodies, and more. All re-engineered remanufactured units come with a Sinspeed Lifetime Warranty giving you the peace of mind that your car is repaired right. Service maintenance 101 is that every vehicle owner should perform weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance checks. Always keep in mind that knowing too much freon in car AC will help us in dealing with an overcharged AC system.


Weekly Checks

Fluid levels should be checked weekly. This means engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, windshield fluid, and the cooling system reservoir. Your car needs enough fluids in order to function, so replace fluids as needed. Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure prolongs the life of your tires and reduces fuel consumption. Check your tire pressure, including the spare tire, when you check your fluids and inflate as needed.

All the warning lights on the dashboard should come on when you first turn the car’s ignition. Any lights that don’t come on during the ignition-on phase need to be checked. Faulty warning lights could cost you thousands in repairs if you weren’t warned sooner.


Monthly Checks

You’ll need to check your lights every month to make sure they all work. Headlight, high and low beams, brake lights, reversing lights, tail lights, and all turn signals need to be switched on and checked. Any lights that aren’t working or beginning to dim need to be replaced. Properly working lights keep you, other motorists, and your passengers safe.

Car insurance helps cover the cost of property damage to your car that results from theft or collision. Depending on the insurance policy, auto insurance can cover either the total or a partial of the cost of repairs or replacement. Whether you need an auto policy that comes with uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, bodily injury liability, or comprehensive coverage, has you covered when it comes to car insurance.

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Annual Checks

You should have the air-conditioning system checked annually for leaks and gas levels and re-gas as necessary. Depending on the climate you live in, you should plan to replace your windshield wipers annually. Investing in high-quality wiper blades can make a noticeable difference for visibility and last longer.

The owner’s manual is the best source to learn about your car’s maintenance and servicing needs. You should also factor in what kind of driver you are, how hard you treat your car, and the driving conditions and climate you are in.