Tonic water is widely known for its bitter and refreshing taste. It’s a favorite for those who love to enjoy some happy hours of booze.

Actually, the carbonated drink you so lovingly add to your vodka and gins has many benefits. Apart from giving the perfect taste to your cocktail and quenching your thirst, it has many added benefits which will make you love tonic water more.

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So, are you excited to know the health-related benefits of this amazing drink? Keep reading to know more.

1. Tonic water consists of Quinine

Do you know from where you get the tonic water that you enjoy? Do you know that it consists of Quinine?

Yes, the bitter taste of tonic water comes from a natural ingredient known as Quinine. It’s found in the barks of the Peruvian Cinchona tree which makes it exotic as well.

The nutritional value of Tonic water is surprising too. Let me present you with the nutritional value of 12 ounces of tonic water as stated by the USDA –

Total calories – 114 g

Total fat – 30 g

Proteins – 0 g

Carbohydrates – 30 g

Sugars – 0 g

Sodium – 40 g

To enjoy the true benefits of drinking Tonic water, go with brands like that provide tonic water that tastes bitter. If it’s not bitter, it means high amounts of sugar are added to the drink and it’s not as healthy for you to consume.

2. It helps in reducing fever

Are you suffering from a high fever? You have taken the medicines, yet you need some kind of drink which can give you some added relief…

What’s the best option in such cases? Without a doubt, it’s tonic water!

Yes, tonic water has antipyretic properties that can help in reducing your fever and giving you some much-needed relief.

Also, do you think you have had a long day and you may fall sick? Drinking tonic water also reduces the chance of getting a fever and as a result, saves you from the headache that follows.

That’s not the end of the healing properties of tonic water. Just so you know, it also consists of anti-inflammatory elements to save you from distress.

3. Tonic water also works as an antimalarial drug

Do you know how and why tonic water was used in the earlier days? When medical science was not so advanced, people used tonic water to treat malaria.

Did it work? Yes, to some extent. Even today, if modern drugs fail to affect the schizont of malarial parasites, doctors prescribe tonic water to treat the patient.

Quinine present in the tonic water is the main ingredient responsible for killing the malarial parasites. Thus, whether you are suffering from malaria or not, drinking tonic water implies that you are consciously lessening your chances of getting this disease.

If you thought the quinine present in tonic water was only dangerous for the malarial parasites, you were wrong. It is equally efficient in killing the protozoan parasites that cause Plasmodium vivax.

4. Effective in lowering your stress levels

Now, you know a lot about the health benefits of drinking tonic water. But the main magic for which it is known today is to provide relief from the stressful life that we are living.

Tonic water helps to release your stress levels… so whether you drink it with vodka or your favorite gin, you know that it’s helping you release stress while making your drink tastier than it was before.

Over to you…

Now that you know the benefits of tonic water, it’s my responsibility to make you aware of the side effects of Quinine present in it. Quinine in high amounts can be fatal for your body. Quinine stays up to 96 hours in your body after intake. That should not stop you from enjoying this amazing beverage. Thus, enjoy the taste of tonic water but keep consuming it in desired quantities so that you can easily dodge the side effects of quinine.