For those of us who like the world of beauty or have skin that demands a lot of us, we usually go in search of the perfect cosmetic, the latest ingredient that promises to renew it like no other, or that food that offers properties that help you to be better. One of our latest discoveries has been the drinkable hyaluronic acid that has just been launched in the UK, although it is only innovative in a few ways. We have investigated the effectiveness of consuming the “star ingredient” of facial moisturizing products and today we will tell you what we have four you.

First things first, what is hyaluronic acid?

It is a carbohydrate produced by the body and its most important function is water retention (it can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in it), although it is also responsible for transporting nutrients and waste to places where the blood supply does not reach. We find it in the eyes, joints, synovial fluid, and the skin. In short, it is a key element for us, although the problem is that over time our body reduces its synthesis (just like collagen).

What if I apply it to the skin?
It works quite well, which is why in recent years it has become the cornerstone of many cosmetic products. It is one of the most common components in serums and moisturizers due to its hydrophilic capacity and because it helps keep it young. Dry skin and skin with problems such as dermatitis benefit considerably from the application of products that contain it. Among our favorites are, for example, the hyaluronic acid concentrate from María D’uol and the  EVE serum from Institut Esthederm, although there are countless products on the market that contain it.