Tel Aviv is the financial hub of Israel. It is a bustling city thronged with tourists from all over the world striving to enjoy their tour of joys and fun offered by Israel. The city has amazing weather, exquisite hotels, fun activities, and many more magnificent tourist attractions to enjoy.

Whether for business or leisure purposes, flights to Tel Aviv are never in vain because the city offers exciting and unforgettable experiences. Besides the world class beaches, Tel Aviv is every shopper’s haven, providing top class options for all types of shopping. Fresh food and agricultural products, designer clothes, original accessories are all accessible in Tel Aviv’s high-end malls and shopping centers.

An Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Tel Aviv - The TLV Fashion Mall, The Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv, shopping, Gan Ha’ir Mall, Dizengoff Center

Here are some of the top malls to visit for shopping when in Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Center

This shopping center is an icon of Tel Aviv. Located at the city center’s Dizengoff Street, the Dizengoff Center hosts designers market every Friday and a weekly food bazaar. It has many chain stores, hundreds of shops and stalls, a fantasy-themed store, craft stores, and a tattoo studio.

The mall also has two cinemas, Rav Hen & Lev, which show films in English and Hebrew. After a session at one of the gyms, you can cool off at the rooftop swimming pool. With the vast number of stores and shops in the mall, it is often confusing and easy to get lost. However, the mall has its own app, the “Easy Dizi”, which assist in navigation while in the mall.

Tel Aviv Azrieli Mall

Located in Azrieli Center, it is one of the most visited shopping hotspots in Tel Aviv. The mall has over 25 restaurants, more than 150 stores, and cinema. It houses the only H&M in Tel Aviv making it a destination for some exquisite retail shopping. The mall offers American and Tel Avivian fusion type of shopping. Furthermore, the mall offers you a panoramic view of the city from the round building’s 46th floor.

The TLV Fashion Mall

This is Tel Aviv’s newest mall, offering regular cool events such as concerts, parties, and food markets. It also has luxury shops found nowhere else in the city. The mall is home to some of the largest renowned international chain stores and designer wear by Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Armani Exchange.

This makes it stand out for shoppers’ crazy about designer wear and accessories.

The Ramat Aviv Mall

It is located in Einstein Street 40 in North Tel Aviv. Its official name is Kenyon Ofer. The mall houses boutiques, chain stores and premium shops such as Louis Vuitton, American Eagle, and Carolina Herrera. It also houses famous Israeli brands such as Fox, Dana Ashkenazi, and Factory54.

When visiting the mall, you can do household shopping a supermarket adjacent to the mall.

Gan Ha’ir Mall

This mall is located in 71 lbn Gvirol Street in central Tel Aviv. It offers shoppers the experience of shopping and dining in international standards. It has restaurants spread across its couple of floors and a central fountain. It further houses a host of Israeli chains, upscale stores, an organic market, and a children’s play center.

Whenever you are visiting Tel Aviv, be sure that all your shopping expectations and needs are well catered for. Tel Aviv’s malls and shopping centers will undoubtedly make your visit memorable.