Gone are the days of swimsuits, slides, and beaded bracelets, it’s time for fall accessories. Who says autumn says boots, scarves, and structured bags. But will the year 2021 be the same? Because after having had a large panel of the next fashion trends for fall 2021, it would be good to know how to accessorize them. While autumn is kindly desired, the temperature does not seem to drop. The accessories are therefore punctuated by winter impulses while keeping the hope of beautiful warmth. We thus find accessories that are already flagship this summer. And on the other hand, certain trends are slowly preparing us for the cold of winter.

What shoes will be on the feet of all fashionistas in the coming seasons?

It was thought to get rid of the clogs with the temperature drop but they finally decided to stay. But in the face of cowboy boots and rubber shoes, will they be enough? In autumn, we prefer to be warm in pretty rain boots than in clogs, right?

What bags are we going to do arm-in-arm with this fall winter?

It was already said last season, the tote bag has become a classic and it is not ready to give up its place. The proof is, it is always in the trends of the next seasons and offers a size XXL. But a new kid could well dethrone him. With a warm aesthetic and flirting with the faux fur trend, the shearling bag will be our best ally this winter.

What other accessories to wear to be trendy this winter?

The earrings XXL ears, the scarf, and opera gloves give your wardrobe looks like a Regencycore the Daphne Bridgerton. But if that aesthetic doesn’t suit you, Cruella’s might just appeal to you. We keep the opera gloves but we add a harness! To our outfit, not to our dog!

Here are the accessory trends everyone will be wearing this fall:
1. The shearling bag. Chanel, Bottega Veneta, or Prada have already released their toupee bag.
2. Cowboy boots. They are in suede, leather, or even split leather.
3. Rubber shoes. We can still wear our Crocs but the trend is more towards rain boots.
4. XXL tote bags. In autumn, the tote bags are not only made of cotton and offer themselves an important place.
5. Opera gloves. It’s those long gloves, a bit like princesses.
6. XXL earrings. One day, our beauty editor told us her secret: XXL earrings give you a glowy and awakened complexion.