Replacing your windows is a great way to spruce up your home. By choosing high-quality replacement windows, you enhance your property’s safety, look, and value. The good thing about this is that your options are endless. For instance, you can choose the best impact windows in the market to shield your home against hurricane impact and up your décor.

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 What are the styles to go for?

The many impact window designs in the market can make it daunting to choose the right window styles. But this shouldn’t be so. Here are the different window styles to consider;

1. Sliding impact windows

Sliding impact widows will offer an uncompromised view of your home. They are ideal for hard-to-reach locations, for instance, kitchen sinks, and will shield your home against hurricane damage. They offer superior performance in all weather and are super energy efficient. Also, they can be customized to suit various configurations and suit different spaces in your home,

2. Casement impact windows

Casement windows are common in most homes. They are unique in that they are hinged on one side and open outwards. They are famous for their simplicity and functionality and will swing open and close easily. Impact casement windows will enhance the look of your home and offer an extra layer of protection during strong winds and storms. They are designed with sturdy materials to withstand harsh weather and flying debris during hurricanes.

3. Architectural windows

Architectural windows are yet another style worth mentioning. They are crafted with particular attention to aesthetics, functionality, and style. These windows play a vital role in the overall design of a building and will ensure natural light and adequate ventilation. They also come in different designs and will offer optimal protection in your home.

4. Awning windows

Awning windows operate almost like casement windows, but they open outwards from the bottom. They are hinged on the top ad will allow adequate ventilation and protection from harsh weather. Impact awning windows are energy efficient and will help lower your energy cost

Their tight seals help prevent air leaks and can reduce drafts, thus lowering heating and cooling costs. Moreover, you can install them in various settings and configurations. They work well when blended with other window styles, including picture windows or casement windows.

5.Picture impact windows

Picture windows are big and don’t open or close. They make excellent choices if you want a clear view of the outdoors. They also allow natural light to enter your home at all times. If you live in a hurricane-prone location, Impact picture windows will maximize the view of your outdoor space and enhance your home’s safety. These large windows will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and are a great way to improve your decor.


Your choice of windows can make or break the look of your home. Nowadays, you will get different impact window styles in the market to match your style preferences. Impact windows will enhance your home’s safety and guard your property against hurricanes and intense storms. Therefore, acquire them from leading vendors and have them installed professionally.