More and more women decide to get eyelash extensions every day, as the quick and easy treatment allows women from every corner of the world to enjoy long and thick lashes full of volume. With false lashes, women can easily forget about applying makeup when preparing to go out, as the extensions can make a look all on their own. With a professional and experienced stylist and some good-quality supplies, women can highlight their eyes with extensions in just a couple hours and have the effects last for around 5 weeks, sometimes even longer.

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Eyelash extensions are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They can be found in various curls, with some of them resembling the natural look of real eyelashes, and others heavily lifted for a more glamorous look. There are also many different methods of applying the extensions, which differ highly between each other. One of such methods is Russian Volume Style, recommended for clients looking for extreme volume. However, Russian Volume tends to be difficult for many aspiring stylists to perform, which is why we have prepared this short guide to Russian Volume lashes.

What are Russian Volume lashes?

Russian Volume Style is an eyelash extension technique that makes use of many thin artificial eyelashes attached to every single natural lash. As part of the method, the stylist creates small bundles out of the false lashes and attaches all of them to a natural eyelash of the client. These little bouquets of lashes can make use of various amounts of extensions, starting from two, and going to five and even higher. Most commonly, Russian Volume Style extensions can be found in varieties between 2D and 5D.

The Russian Volume technique comes from Russia, and while the technique is not new in its theory, it used not to be as popular as it is now due to the weight of the eyelash extensions. However, due to recent innovations in manufacturing eyelash extensions, Russian Volume Style lashes have gained popularity. Modern lashes are much lighter than their older counterparts, allowing more of them to be attached to an individual real eyelash without endangering your client’s health. Russian lashes are also specifically designed to limit the stress on the natural lashes, making them a glamorous and lightweight solution.

How many false lashes can I use with Russian Volume Style

Russian Volume Style is all about finding the balance between too many eyelashes and too few. If your client wants a glamorous effect, full of volume to look gorgeous for an event, you will have to increase the number of extensions used during the treatment. However, use too many and the bundle will get too heavy and may turn to be uncomfortable for your client to wear. You should always take into consideration the natural eyelashes of your client – whether they are strong or fragile, short or long. Depending on that, choose an appropriate amount of lashes in a bundle for Russian Volume techniques.

Most commonly, Russian Volume lashes are available in types between 2D to 10D, indicating the number of lashes used for a single bundle. If your client desires a more natural effect, which they intend to use on a daily basis, choose lower numbers – a 2D or 3D could be just perfect. If your client desires a more spectacular effect, you can go higher – but always take into consideration whether the results will be comfortable and safe for your client to wear!

The innovation of Russian Volume lashes

With the advancements of technology in the cosmetic industries, Russian Volume lashes have become much thinner than they used to be. Currently produced lashes range in width between 0.05 millimetres to 0.10 millimetres, most commonly. The thick, old lashes used to span from 0.15 millimetres up to 0.20 millimetres, strictly limiting the creativity of stylists. Lightweight Russian Volume lashes are perfectly safe for clients and they shouldn’t even be able to feel them on their eyes when chosen properly by the stylist.

Always ask your client whether they feel comfortable with their eyelashes during the treatment – if they can feel the lashes, it may mean the bundle is too heavy for them. In such a case, simply remove one or two extensions from the bundle and try again to create a comfortable stylization for your client to wear. Even if the eyelashes are only a bit too heavy, it may lead to drooping eyelids and turn out to be bothersome, especially when worn every day for weeks to come.

How long do Russian Volume eyelashes last?

Similarly to traditional 1:1 eyelash extensions, the longevity of the treatment highly depends on the natural eyelashes of each and every individual client. As the natural eyelashes fall out, the effects of the treatment will diminish. After about half of the eyelashes with attached extensions fall out, it is recommended for clients to redo their treatments or remove the remaining extensions. If the eyelashes of your client are in good condition and are properly taken care of, the extensions may last up to 5 weeks, and sometimes even longer.

If your client’s lashes are in poor condition, on the other hand, the effect will be much shortened. Always maintain proper eyelash care in your salon, preparing the eyelashes well for every treatment so that the effects are as glamorous and long-lasting as possible. If your client’s eyelashes are in poor condition, recommend rejuvenation treatment first to get them back into shape and allow them to properly hold the weight of extensions, especially if your client wants Russian Volume style lashes.

Can Russian Volume lashes be customized?

Russian Volume method is very flexible and can be customized to each and every client by choosing extensions of different thickness, or simply using more or less extensions per bundle. You can even mix and match different types of eyelash extensions to create more unique stylisations. Such creations can be tailored to match every individual client of yours, fitting them perfectly.

With different lengths and widths of the extensions, you can experiment to find new styles. At Noble Lashes, we feature a wide selection of Russian Volume lashes, available both in a variety of types, manufactured out of highest-quality materials that are 100% cruelty-free.

Should I learn to work with Russian Volume lashes?

Russian Volume Style is a very universal technique of applying eyelash extensions, viable for a wide variety of clients. Since it can be easily personalized, women with all kinds of natural eyelashes can enjoy gorgeous eyelash extensions. They can also be customized for important events, such as weddings and other parties, but can also be prepared in a day-to-day style that will be viable to take to work.

Russian Volume extensions can easily earn you a lot of clients. Learning the ropes around this technique is an investment that will surely pay. With Noble Lashes, you can easily supply yourself with both training supplies along with tools and accessories, all created from high-quality materials and designed for professional use.