If you have a home with at least one chimney, you know that it takes proper maintenance to keep the smoke passing through without any problems. It’s a simple structure that only requires cleaning and restoration. So, there should be no excuse why, when winter comes, it’ll not be performing as you expect. Calling on chimneykings.com professionals would be the best move you can make to correctly assess and service your chimney.

9 Reasons Why You Should Do Chimney Restoration In The Summer - summer, rebuild, prevent, damage, curing, chimney

Finding the perfect time to do chimney restoration is not difficult at all. The simplest way is to choose a time when your chimney will not be in use, and summer is the best season. Your chimney’s functions may be seasonal but preparing it for months of usage is worth it.

Why Prioritize Your Chimney During This Summer?

1. There is enough time to rebuild your chimney.

Summer gives you or your contractors three months to reline or fix your chimney. When a fireplace has spalling bricks, there is a tendency to leak inside. Plus, it ruins the aesthetic of your home. Depending on the size of the chimney stack, you can decide whether tearing it down is worth it. If it is, you would need a considerable amount of clear skies and cooperative weather for a chimney restoration.

2. It is the perfect time to animal-proof your chimney.

You may have been an animal lover, but the last thing you want are critters nesting inside your chimney. You will need to have someone check for gaps or holes where small animals can get into. Doing this in the summer will allow you or your contractor to safely close or block those gaps before any animal decides to make your chimney its home to prepare for fall or winter. Find your reference here to keep wild animals like raccoons out of your chimney.

3. Summer is the best weather for curing.

Repairing or building a chimney may require cement or mortar. These materials need to dry properly as soon as possible, which will not be as fast if it always rains. The summer heat properly cures these materials to make the bricks hold stronger and become more stable. That will help them withstand against various weather conditions for more years.

4. It helps to prevent chimney fires.

Chimney linings are not capable of withstanding fires. The venting system is only for carrying out smoke and fumes from fireplaces or stoves. When the vent catches on fire, it can quickly spread throughout other parts of the home. It is essential to clean it once a year anytime during the summer. Professionals can easily assess how a chimney restoration should be executed. You can only get rid of flammable residue efficiently when the weather permits it.

5. Clear weather allows you to work on stopping leakage.

It can cause devastating damages when water gets into the inner structure of the chimney and the home. These damages may include rotting boards and growing molds and mildew. It makes sense to fix your fireplace when it is summer so you can make sure that the weather won’t spoil or ruin what you did, especially if it is only recently fixed.

6. Avoid smoke damages.

Another problem with a clogged chimney is the risk of smoke not rising at all because of a soot-filled flue. When smoke fills a room, not only will odors stick to your furniture, but it’ll also affect the air quality of your household breathes. Upgrading your chimney by hiring professionals during the summer, gives you enough time to prepare for the cold months with any chance of the smoke causing havoc in your home.

7. To lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You may have a carbon monoxide detector in your house, but prevention is better than scrambling at the last minute. When blockages inside the chimney are preventing the exit of smoke, carbon monoxide can fill the rooms. It may have a devastating effect on your household’s health. Summer makes the best time to have your chimney properly cleaned to make sure that there is nothing preventing smoke from coming out of your home.

8. Remove unpleasant chimney smell.

When rain mixes with the build-up of soot and residue, odors may come from your chimney into your living room and spread across the entire home. Spraying aerosols can only hide the problem temporarily. Decide to get rid of the problem completely. Chimneys only require cleanup once a year, and you can call professional cleaners anytime in the summer when the weather is clear.

9. Properly heat your home.

Heat is the primary reason why you have a chimney in the first place. Living in a location where fall and winter become exceedingly cold, is only bearable when you have a fireplace with heating systems that work correctly. The last thing you’d ever want are problems arising in the middle of the cold snap. It is always best to prepare your chimney during the summer season before fall comes. The temperature then is manageable for you or the professionals to work on your chimney.

In Conclusion

Every part of your home matters, including the chimney. Yet, some homeowners completely ignore the fact that chimneys need as much care because of the damages it may cause due to neglect. Not only will your home suffer, but so will the health of your family members. The summer season allows more than enough opportunity to sort out the needs of your chimney before fall and winter. Assessments and servicing won’t take long, and you get peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is working before the cold seasons land.