Most people don’t spend their time thinking about plumbing. It is an activity that comes once after a long time, as long as you have maintained your system properly. The only time you notice is when a plumbing problem occurs.

That is the moment you look for DIY videos to solve the problem or hire a plumber. If you like to DIY, you’ll realize that plumbing is fun.

9 Plumbing Tips for a Homeowner - strainer, plumbing tips, homeowner, flush, check

We have made this list with top plumbing tips for beginners to avoid making severe damages. This ensures you will be confident to solve some of the plumbing issues.

Remember that not all plumbing problems can be solved by yourself. You need to hire a reliable plumber. Endpoint Plumbing is a recommended plumbing company that can help with your problems.

That well said, let’s now check these plumbing tips and learn things to avoid.

1. Avoid Pouring Oil or Grease Down the Drain

Remember that, people don’t eat oil or grease to fill themselves. This is why you should avoid pouring grease or oil into the drain.

When poured into the drain, grease or oil continues to build up. Sometimes, you don’t even notice and think everything is fine because it’s a liquid and it will flow.

With time, grease and oil clog your pipes resulting in serious plumbing problems. Then, you have to contact Endpoint Plumbing for unclogging services.

So, it is essential to think about the pipes and damages you can cause pouring the liquid. This will offer you a safer disposal option. Wait for fat to solidify and dispose of it in the compost bin to avoid clogging the drain.

2. Use a Strainer

In most homes, clogs are the major plumbing problem. So, when it comes to sink drain or shower, it turns out grossy and messy – particularly due to soap and hair residue.

Remember that you can avoid icky simply by using a basket strainer. It helps prevent unpleasant and time-consuming tasks.

3. Check Before You Flush

Some things can be flushed while others should not. You have to be cautious about what you flush as it could lead to draining blockage.

The only thing you need to flush is body wastes and toilet paper. Other things will cause serious clogs, thus needing a plumber to unclog.

So, some of these things to avoid include cotton balls, hygiene products, prescription medications, fish, and more.

When you notice that your toilet is clogging frequently, there could be additional causes of the problem. You can get a professional plumber in Melbourne to help solve the problem.

4. Locate Your Main Valve

Plumbing isn’t for everyone. However, in your home, you should know whether the main valve is located and what you can do when there is a plumbing issue.

Perhaps the pipes will burst, you have to turn off the main valve to minimize damages caused by water. After that, get in touch with Endpoint Plumbing to solve the problem.

When you don’t know where your main valve is, you’ll spend much time removing water and experience significant damages.

5. Test Toilets Flush Valve Seal

Experience toilet leaks will become a real pain. You have to catch them early to make them manageable. This will help you save yourself from experiencing serious plumbing problems.

One of the major places you will likely get a leak is at the valve seal. This flush valve seal will prevent the water in the tank from flowing into the bowl until it’s in flushing mode.

If you want to know whether there is a leak in the flush valve seal, use a food coloring test. While testing, you only need to add a few drops of food coloring and check after a few hours.

When you find some colored water in the toilet bowl, it means your toilet flush valve has a leak and should be solved.

6. Ensure You Can Access Main Sewer Drain

Your plumbing is mostly out of sight. However, you have to ensure your sewer drain is free and clear. So, in case of sewage line blockage, you can move quickly and efficiently.

Ensure the drain access point is uncovered, therefore, don’t put carpets or rugs.

7. Prevent Plumbing From Freezing

If you live in a temperate climate, you can easily experience plumbing freezing. But it’s not a problem during summer.

Once winter rolls around, the temperature of the place will fall. This risks your plumbing and it may freeze.

You, therefore, have to ensure that air is circulating via your home, which is at its minimum temperature. For the outside wall plumbing pipes, you should insulate them to prevent potential catastrophes.

Perhaps you have a room that will get frigid with a decline in temperature, don’t wait to look for solutions when it is too late. Get yourself a solution during the warm months.

8. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

You should avoid Chemical drainers because they are awful to your health and wellbeing. Most homeowners choose to go for these chemical drainers because they are advertised to be effective. However, these chemicals can easily damage your plumbing system in the long run.

When your drain is clogged, choose a non-caustic and safe drain option. It will use natural bacteria to dissolve organic matter. It also doesn’t cause any harm to the pipes.

After clearing the clogs, ensure you keep them away.

9. Install Separate Shut Off Valves on Fixtures

After some time, your plumbing will need repairs. That’s inevitable. So, you don’t have to wait until the day you’ll shut all the water off for a plumber to come and solve the problem.

You should ask your plumber to install separate Shut off valves to eliminate all water problems. This enables you to turn off the water in different parts of your house where needed.

In other words, when you experience a problem in your bathroom, then the kitchen sink will be working.


You should take all preventative measures but with time, you will experience plumbing problems. Ensure you hire a qualified plumber for repairs and maintenance.