Are you planning a beach vacation? Do not let the sun and salty sea air ruin your beauty routine. Here are the top 9 beauty tips for a beach vacation. You can beat the humidity and get a healthy glow while on vacation.

Can you wear makeup on the beach? Is it possible? Yes! It doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the heat or humidity. With years of experience in the beauty industry has given me a lot of useful information. You only need the right products and some simple tips. It’s the key to success!

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Do you like to take lots of photos on vacation? You should! It’s a wonderful way to capture the moment and then relive it later. However, I don’t love my photos if I have a bad hair day or look messy. You feel better when you look good. Sunburnt skin, in a sloppy-fitting swimsuit and mascara on your cheeks, won’t cut it.

What make-up should I bring on vacation?

You might find it tempting to continue with your regular routine and not alter a thing while on vacation. It’s often hot and humid in coastal areas and windy close to the water. When packing, you should take this into account. It’s worth the extra effort.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to apply beach makeup or which beauty products you should bring with you on vacation. This is what this post will cover:

  • How to travel with beauty products
  • The essentials for a successful beach vacation
  • Tips for a natural, safe tan
  • Quick hairstyle ideas

Beach Vacation Beauty Essentials

1. Makeup setting spray

Set spray is the best item to buy for your trip. Setting sprays are like hair spray for your face. They make your skin sweaty and resist budgeting. Some even contain oil control! To lock in your look, apply at the end of your beauty regimen. These products are a game-changer. Apply the mist by holding the bottle 6-9 inches away from your face. You can go once it dries.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

This may seem overboard for a beach vacation but whitening your teeth is essential for the best pictures when you have a glowing tan. Maybe people overlook this step and try to whiten their teeth the night before but really you should be doing this a week or two before. This gives you enough time to whiten a few times if you want to brighten a few shades whiter.

3. Multi-tasking Lip & Cheek Stain

Simple makeup is best for beach makeup. Don’t wear anything heavy as you will sweat it off. I like stains, which are long-lasting and good for powder products. There are many quick and easy products to color your cheeks and lips.

4. Mascara that is Waterproof and Long-lasting

Water and humidity are not good reasons to use long-lasting mascara. It makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter when paired with a curler for lashes. You feel more put together and less effort. How do you get it off at night? Apply eye makeup remover to cotton pads and press down on your lash line for 60 seconds. Next, gently swipe downwards.

5. Your Hair is Your Best Friend

I was once told frizz is dry hair asking for help. If you don’t have the proper products to protect your hair’s cuticle from the heat and humidity, it can lead to severe damage. Smoothing serums, hair oil, and hydrating masks are your best friends in humid coastal areas.

6. Sunscreen!

SPF is a must for any beach trip. Protect your skin, girlfriend! Everybody wants to tan. But it is easy to underestimate how much sun exposure you are getting. You’ll soon be as reddened as a lobster! You need to apply sunscreen every two hours so make sure you choose one that smells or feels good.
When choosing a sunscreen, make sure to also check the contents because many popular sunscreens contain carcinogen benzene which can harm your body. You can research or ask for advice on the different types of sunscreen to see which best suits your skin.
Sunscreen oils are my favorite because they moisturize your skin and keep it looking healthy.

7. Natural-Looking Tanner

You don’t have to get your tan on the beach, but who says? You can self-tan when you’re on vacation. You’re probably thinking that self-tanners can be orange. Apply the color in circular motions using a mitt. To deposit less color, I apply it last to my feet and hands.

8. Dry Shampoo

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time styling your hair while on vacation. Dry shampoo absorbs oil and dirt, adds volume, and refreshes hair. Dry shampoo is a must-have for beach vacations!

9. Glowy Body Moisturizer

Give your skin a boost of glow and show off your natural beauty! Lightweight options include dry oils and lotions that have shimmer. Are you worried about getting sticky? Use only on the areas that you wish to highlight like your shoulders, decolletage, and front of your shins.


Whether you’re hitting the beach or the pool, here are some essentials to keep your beauty routine on track. From keeping your makeup from melting off in the heat to avoiding sunburns, we’ve got you covered. There are many products that will give you a natural-looking glow that will make all your friends jealous. So go ahead and pack your bags – we’ll help you get ready for vacation glamor!