A hostel is a safe haven, a place to retire to after a rough, tiresome day or an exciting productive one. It is home away from home or better yet, home at school. It should offer an ambient comfortable environment for both relaxation and study. An excellent dorm room décor is imperative in achieving a decorative habitable aura for your living.

8 Great Decorating Ideas for Your Dorm - student, house plants, dorm, decoration, colorful carpet

Decorating Your Space

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There are two modes of life in college. Academic, and social life which largely oscillates around the hostel. Whenever you are out of the class you are most likely to be in your dorm. A strong correlation of direct proportionality exists between your habitat and academic excellence. The former scale the heights to which the latter can soar.

How Best Can I Decorate My Hostel?

Since people have different preferences, the interior décor setup of hostels is usually delegated to the students living in that particular place. Most ladies, unlike men, have an eye for decor. This article elaborates on some few decorative dorm room ideas that will ensure you live a quality life.

1.     Choose a theme color for your room

In most hostels, students are at liberty to repaint their rooms as they please. Color enhances the aesthetic value of a place. Bright colors encourage a happy jovial mood while dull colors invite a somber dull mood.

The first step in beautifying your living space should be the right choice of paint. A room can have one solid color or different colors on different walls or sections of the hostel. The choice is yours to make. Create emotional comfort through optically appealing colors. Those tough days in campus could be brightened by color your eyes fall weak for.

2.     Choose an appropriate lighting mechanism.

Here, electric lighting is a top priority. However, it can be varied to achieve other effects e.g. use of lanterns and candles to create an ancient rustic atmosphere in the room. Choose the right shade of light and luminous intensity. Bright lights should be preserved for the living room while dull light for the bedrooms.

The bulbs should be housed by nice colorful lampshades: a chandelier would be too extravagant for a college student’s budget although it is highly recommended. If you are creative enough, make the lamp shades from locally available material. This will not only make it unique and admirable but also save a cent to purchase other decorative materials.

3.     Incorporate wall art and posters

Just as cute gorgeous looking ladies accessorize their looks, a naked, well-painted wall can never achieve the same magic on its own. To elevate the attractiveness index of your room, consider mounting wall arts and posters.

A creatively arranged set of pictures on the wall adds a classic look to it. If you are not a wall album fanatic you can try mounting custom painted portraits or pin a digital art on the wall. The more detailed your walls are the more decorated your space will look.

4.     House potted plants

Having potted plants in a room is considered environmentally healthy. Additionally, plants provide a natural decorative effect. Place the plants in strategic places where they will offer the least interference to your daily indoor activities.

Green is associated with the beautiful, calming, and peaceful traits of nature. If you cannot get potted plants, a banquet of freshly cut roses in a flower jar would achieve the same effect. There is nothing more appealing and attractive than Mother Nature herself.

5.     Lay a colorful carpet and rugs

The floors deserve the same attention as the walls as far as decorating a room is concerned. Most houses of this era have tiled floors. In as much as the tiles look attractive, it doesn’t hurt making them more attractive.

Carpets, be it woolen or plastic, are instrumental in enhancing the beauty of your floor. The colors should be chosen wisely. Matching them to the furniture or the color of the walls gives your room a classy, coordinated look.

6.     Employ the use of multifunctional furniture

College students do not enjoy the luxury of space in their accommodation units. Most of the hostels are of a standard size to fit either one or two individuals. Inadequacy of space should not be an excuse for disarranged, rugged looking living area.

Under such a circumstance having a piece of multifunctional furniture will help save space and provide decorative service courtesy of its sophistication. A sofa bed enhances the look of a room due to its unique design, unlike a conventional seat.

7.     Display curved sculptures

Sculptures portray art and culture in society. Their decorative use dates back to the evolution era. Curved sculpture from stone or wood can be used to decorate a house. Depending on the mass and size, they can be hanged on the wall or placed on platforms.

Integrating sculptures in furniture makes them even more interesting and attractive. This could be best achieved on basic furniture like tables and chairs. Mount a few sculptures in your hostel to create that ancient cultural artistic look.

8.     Create a bookshelf

As a student, having books is ineluctable. You are bound to have a few textbooks in your hostel for referencing when doing assignments. These books can serve a dual purpose; elevating both your intellectual ability and the attractiveness of your house.

Creating a bookshelf and neatly arranging books in order of size and color creates a nice attractive pattern. The arrangement patterns can be obtained online from sites offering college dorm ideas on bookshelf arrangements. The band of colors displayed by the books on the shelves evidences both your creativity and organizational skills.

Final Thought

Having a dorm is one thing and living comfortably is another. In colleges, comfortable living is important as it offers time for rest and reflection. Hostels should be decorated to mimic the comfort and luxury offered at home. This way, maximum concentration can be channeled to the academic work and not dealing with the discomfort of your residence.

It also gives you ample space for doing assignments hence eliminating the need to pay to write a research paper from other facilities or platforms. Embracing a clean and beautiful living space compels you to extend the same to your academic transcripts.

When given the chance, transform your hostel into an ideal, beautiful, and well-decorated space you have always dreamt of. Never have excuses to avoid your hostel; instead, look for an excuse to stay in.