Winter storms can create a greater risk of frostbite, hypothermia, and car accidents. Colder weather comes with a new wave of challenges as a result of this. Are you prepared for this winter? What is your greatest challenge during the winter season? How can you be better prepared this year? Keep reading to learn about the winter essentials that you need today.

7 Winter Essentials That You Need Today - winter essentials, waterproof boots, warm coat, snow, Humidifier, hat, gloves, car blanket

A Warm, Reliable Coat

Style is important but function is key when it comes to your search for a winter coat. Finding an option that is warm, blocks the wind, and can handle the snow is a good start. Jackets for other seasons are really only made to protect from the rain and wind, not the snow. Winter jackets also have insulation to keep your core as warm as possible while the temperatures continue to fall.

Hat & Gloves

While a hat and gloves may seem like a simple thing, many people go out in snow storms or extreme temperatures without wearing them. A large percentage of the heat in your body escapes through your head. Having a hat will allow you to trap in this heat and keep your head warm. You may be tempted to show off your new fade with taper haircut but it is important to have a hat with you when you are facing the elements outside. Gloves are also a great item to have because it is difficult to perform things that require fine motor skills when your hands are freezing cold.

Car Blanket

Having a blanket or two stored in your vehicle is important during the winter months. This preventative measure has many uses. First, if your vehicle breaks down and you no longer have heat, the blanket can keep you warm until help arrives. Another use is if you get a flat tire while driving. Instead of laying in the snow on the side of the road, you can use the blanket as a mat to work on while you are changing it.

Waterproof Boots

You may have a few boots in your closet that are focused on style to pair with certain outfits. It is important to add a pair of boots that can make it through the snow without soaking your socks and freezing your feet. Searching for boots with insulation is a good place to start. There are varying amounts of insulation you can get, depending on what thickness of socks that you will be wearing with them. The height will make a difference as well. Having a higher boot will allow less snow to get into the boot than an ankle fit will.

Snow Removal Service

While you may not have a long driveway to shovel, a snow removal service can be an essential part of your winter preparation. If you are away for the weekend or feeling under the weather, you won’t need to worry about clearing the snow from your home. This is important because some cities or associations will require that you clear sidewalks in a certain period of time to avoid a fine. You can hire a service to come once a certain amount of snow falls. For example, you may shovel for 2-3 inches of snow and when any more than that falls you call them.


The indoor air tends to be more dry during the winter. The lack of humidity and cooler temps may cause you to wake up with a bloody nose or scratchy throat as your body responds to the dry air. Placing a humidifier in the room where you sleep and in your common living space can help combat the dry air. Some people also invest in air purifiers that can serve a similar function. Using this consistently can improve your overall quality of air throughout your home.

Stay Warm Today

Now that you have read about a few of the essentials that you need for this upcoming winter, you can make sure you get them ready today. You won’t regret having a warm coat when the temperatures are in the single digits or a reliable pair of winter boots when the snow is a few feet deep. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.